A Lot of Lilli

From Sep 11 – 15…..

I got my first ever call from elementary school that Lilli wasn’t feeling well.  It’s remarkable that we’ve gotten all the way to 3rd grade and haven’t had a single call from the school nurse! Lilli was walking in from recess and somehow pulled her neck – we’re not entirely sure what happened, but her neck started hurting and her teacher could tell she was in pain so she sent her to the nurse.  The nurse thought she might be a new student since she literally didn’t have her in the computer! The nurse checked her over, called me, and said she thought it was probably a strain of some sort.  Poor Lilli was crying and in lots of pain so I went and picked her up.  We grabbed a Sonic Slush, pillows and ice, and she rested.


I had already planned to have lunch with her the next day and work from home, so I was able to taker her some pain medicine at lunch.  And her sweet teacher had checked in on her later that day and was able to position her chair more comfortably where she didn’t have to turn to see the board.

When you visit for lunch the child can pick one friend to eat at the “visitor” table with them.  She picked Kaitlyn to eat with us.


Beefy nacho day with my buddy!


I bought a book on local hikes for us.  This picture does not motivate me to try out this hike.


After dinner at Waffle House we went to Target to look at Halloween and get ahead of the curve for getting costumes.  Of course Abbi and I had to try out the big heads that Target sold this year.


The fries…..


This tooth was hanging by a thread.  Literally.


She ended up pulling it herself, thank goodness! And the tooth fairy paid us another visit that night……


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