Flugtag and Sushi

From Sep 21 – 29…..

A little Friday night shoe shopping.  The taller, the spikier, the sparklier – the better.


On Saturday we met the Godbys down on the river for Flugtag.  Brent and I had been years and years earlier (pre kids) with some other friends and figured we should keep our Flugtag attendance record perfect.  Flugtag is an event sponsored by Red Bull that travels the globe and teams put together things they think will soar far off the ramp before crashing into the water.  The plane that soars the furtherest wins.  They also have costumes, dances and a lot of creativity to put into it – and bonus points for how many other team members will jump in the river.

It’s a fun and silly event to watch.  (And free.)


This time it was a lot more comfortable to watch on the much more developed East bank.  It’s amazing how much the East bank has developed over the last few years.


They also had food trucks downtown and other things to walk around and look at.


The only problem was the INSANE heat and lack of shade.  A group near us gave us two frozen water bottles just to help keep the kids cool by placing on their necks.  It really was just plain uncomfortable and on our way out we saw a woman pass out from heat.


I think the heat kept the crowd turning over more often, so we really did have plenty of space.


When we left we went over to the Godbys house so the kids could play.  I’m pretty sure they enjoyed that more than Flugtag.  Especially since by the end Abbi was taking her shirt off just to get cool.


We went out to dinner at Greko, a new Greek Street Food place in East Nashville.  I love their outdoor patio, and by this time eating outside wasn’t as unbearable (except the flies!) This restaurant is owned by some friends who went to preschool with Lilli.  They also moved from East Nashville to Brentwood and we occasionally run into them.


Abbi was pretty much heat stroked out by the time we got home that night.


She loves to help me mop.  I’m still unsure how much our floors can take before they rot.


We went through a stuffed animal purge.  Both kids are actually underneath all these stuffed animals.  It’s insane how much stuffed everything they have.  TOO MUCH.  And most of it never gets played with.


I got to work right as a fire drill started so I got really lucky that day! From my spot on the 24th floor it took nearly 10 minutes for people to get down and out.  So basically I hope we never have a fire because those odds aren’t so great!


On Starbucks double stars day I took my friends out for a Mocha Frappucino.  I order a medium and have them split it to two cups for them.


It was Spirit Week at school for Lilli and this day was “Dress your Best” so she wanted to wear a Daddy-Daughter type dress outfit.


Friday night I decided I wanted sushi to kick off my birthday weekend.  So we took the kids to my fave sushi place where the sushi comes by on a conveyor belt and you pick what you want.  They LOVED it.  They like Chinese food and there was plenty of things there they enjoyed.  Abbi liked several of the actual sushi rolls and ate more than one spring roll.


Lilli is a bit more picky but we ordered one thing of chicken tempura for them and they loved that, too.  They’ve declared it their new favorite place.


Fried bananas!


The only downside – keeping Abbi from just grabbing anything and everything that goes by – and from just randomly touching everything.  Nobody wants sushi that’s been put on and off the belt over and over again by a 4 year old!

It was a really fun night and a great way to kick off my birthday weekend!


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