Abbi’s Christmas List

This year Abbi is asking Santa for a Bitty Baby stroller and a Bitty Baby from American Girl.  I’m pretty sure Santa can handle that, and she’d like some other baby doll things to go along with it.

Baby Doll High Chair – ours is broken/worn out.

Bitty Baby Bath Set

Any little baby doll sets, especially with purses/backpacks/diaper bags.

She also likes all the baby doll diapers to change her babies over and over again.

Kindle Fire to be like her big sister

She’s dying for this wheelchair

We’ve played with this car track a million times at Toys R Us and she loves it, it seems like it’s out of stock on Amazon but may be elsewhere.  She also still loves all her Hot Wheels and cars to play with.  You can never go wrong with some sports car Hot Wheels for her.

Cars 3 movie

She was a big fan of Moana – this Barbie or this playset would be something she’d enjoy.

The kinetic sand stuff is always a big hit.

This dog vet kit is right up her alley.

For clothes, Abbi wears a size 5 shirt/pants and for shoes is usually a 10 but I’d expect her to move up soon.  She could probably use more socks.

She enjoys books but not the same way Lilli does.  She doesn’t have any big favorites that she reads but she does look at books and like to hear a story each night.  She also likes jewelry, makeup, nail polish and is getting into more sparkly girly things, too.  She also really like to color and draw these days and goes through a lot of paper writing.  She’s enjoying the books where you trace letters/numbers and more simple workbooks, especially anything with dry erase where she can wipe it off and do it over and over.

And like Lilli, you really can’t go wrong with pretty much anything from the toy department.





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