Lilli’s Christmas List

Here’s a few things that would make good gifts for Lilli this year:

She’s into less and less toys and had a hard time deciding what to ask Santa for, but has finally landed on Tenney, an American Girl doll who is from Nashville and plays country music.  I’m sure Santa can handle that request, and she would probably like more accessories to go with the doll and her current American Girl things.

Some suggestions:

Tenney’s Dog – (will be in Cyber Monday sale)

Roller Skates – (will be in Cyber Monday sale)

Doll at work kit – (will be in Cyber Monday sale)

American Girl does make the nicest dolls, but for the most part we get our accessories from Amazon, Target, or Walmart.  Here’s some suggestions:

Horse Stable–  Horse Accessories

Really Cute Bakery

Treat Cycle

Shopping Cart (Abbi wants this too)

The Pet Mobile

and Pet Grooming Set

Both Target and Walmart have nice clothes and other accessories that fit American Girl – just shop for “18 inch doll”.

She like sparkly clothes – anything from Justice is a big hit.  She’s a size 7 shirt/pants.  Shoes are somewhat hard to fit right now, she can sometimes wear a size 12 and sometimes 13.  She always likes jewelry, make up, etc.

She’s into the Descendants and we don’t have any of the Barbies – here’s a few links: Evie, Mal, Uma

She likes all kinds of books but reads so quickly anything I put on here she’d probably have read before Christmas.  She especially likes animal facts books and guiness record type books.  She’d like a Barnes and noble gift card, Amazon card, Itunes card.  She also likes all kinds of arts and crafts kits and the older “adult” coloring books. She also really enjoys workbooks and practicing math and other science things – all the Brain quest type workbooks for her age.  Science Kits – like this one – would be a big hit with her, too.  She loves doing experiments.

She loves anything to do with animals and would enjoy a subscription to National Geographic Kids.

For the most part anything would work for Lilli, she’s pretty easy to please.







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