Grown Up Lists

A few things for Brent and I …..

Brent asked for a sewing kit for ordinary mending around the house, ours is pretty much used up.

I’d like nice latte cups for my new latte/cappicuno machine.

My favorite daily calendar I use each year.

I saw this journal at the book store and really liked it for tracking my books I read each year.

Brent would like a large cast iron skillet, ours is too small for the large steaks he cooks in it.

I’d like a new portable vacuum.  We had a small one that broke earlier this year and it was so handy for quickly cleaning up the kitchen, small messes, the car, etc.

Some workout DVDs I’ve repeatedly gotten from the library this year: DVD #1, DVD #2, DVD #3, and DVD #4.

A Nest home temp control system

Brent would like a safe that’s fire and water safe, and big enough for hard drives and documents.  This is an example, probably cheaper in a store since this would be hard to ship via Amazon.

Brent would also like a new meat thermometer.

Apple Watch Bands for me (38 mm): Silver, Double Tour wrap in Gray

Apple Watch Bands for Brent (42 mm): Black/White, Black,

Kate Spade Pencil Pouch

Project 615 has really cute shirts.  We’d both be Mediums.

Me: Shirt 1, Shirt 2, Shirt 3

Brent: Shirt 1, Shirt 2,

Electric Blanket

Just a few ideas, but really we don’t need anything!

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