Adventures in the Dark

From Oct 2 – 7…..

It was school picture day for Lilli. We practiced smiling with maximum tooth exposure.  Abbi wanted to practice, too.  I’m glad she’s got another year of practicing before it’s yearbook picture time!


We met the Godby’s for a dinner picnic.  It was already that time of year when the sun is basically down by the time you get there after work.  And most of the picnic is in the dark.


I had brought some light up balloons I’d gotten on clearance after July 4th.  They were so pretty at night and most of them didn’t end up popped in the grass.


They did finally turn on the bright flood lights for lots of games of ball, running, and general merriment.


Brent surprised me with more cakes since I had been bummed I never got my fill of birthday cake.  That definitely did it!


A little shooting on a pretty Saturday morning.


We went to the fall festival a nearby church puts on where many of our old college friends attend.  We got there and immediately ran into one of Lilli’s best friends from school so they ran around the entire time together while we chatted with her parents.  They always have BBQ, tons of inflatables, games, snow cones and more.  Somehow we took exactly zero pictures of all of that.  But Abbi did love getting up in the firetruck.


That evening we took the girls to Parents Night Out and I surprised Brent with a downtown Franklin ghost tour.  It’s a walking tour of downtown Franklin and the weather and temps were PERFECT! You meet at the old courthouse and a guide walks you around several old historic homes and shares their stories.


It was so much fun and she did a great job.  We had a sold out tour of around 20 people.  The walk is less than a mile and lasts 90 minutes.  She took us to 5-6 homes/businesses.  It was really such a fun local thing to do.


Afterwards we ate dinner at Merridee’s, another Franklin staple, before picking up the girls.


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