Fall Breaking, Part 1: Welcome to Chicago!

From Oct 8 – 12…..

Just 3 girls sharing a tiny umbrella on our way out of church……I think at least our hair stayed dry.


Lilli was very proud of her fancy dress and brand new sparkly high heels.


We did some afternoon house cleaning.  Abbi wanted to help me Swiffer the floors which meant my floors might be in danger of rotting from so much Swiffer juice.


They both helped a lot with cleaning so they got to pick dinner – and they chose Subway.  Dream big!


Doing a little weights at Academy! I was swapping out a kettlebell Brent got me for my birthday for a slightly different set.  I love doing kettle bells!


This year Lilli’s fall break was slightly different.  The past years it’s been a Friday and Monday, this year it was a Wednesday – Friday.  Early in the summer Southwest had its one good sale a year and we booked tickets to Chicago for Fall Break.  The sale dates didn’t quite line up with her break, so we flew out late Thursday night and back in Monday night, so she got to skip an extra day of school! She didn’t mind.

For her first day of fall break she went to an art camp at Cheekwood with a good friend she doesn’t get to see often.  We also have never done that camp during the summer since it’s just so inconvenient to work and home, but for one day it wasn’t a big deal.  They made a TON of really nice arts and crafts and she really loved it.  It’s still not something feasible for summer break, but something we can do a day here or there, and she had a blast playing with Kelly all day.


On Thursday I worked from home and Olli was already giving us the cold shoulder about not taking him to Chicago.  Lilli always enjoys work from home days where she can just relax and watch TV and play all day.  We have to pretend she’s going to camp so Abbi doesn’t get upset about going to school.  Lilli will literally take her  backpack in the car and we have to pretend I’m dropping Lilli off next.


We had the last flight of the night, so the girls weren’t real happy we ate dinner at home and THEN left for the airport.  They were so ready to go.  One of Abbi’s favorite parts is taking the shuttle from the Park n Ride to the airport.  First a bus – then a plane!


Our 9:30 flight had a little delay……making it an even later night.


We had plenty of time at the airport – security lines were short and so was check in.  We walked around and shopped a little before settling into our gate and reading/watching movies.


I think we can all guess who my ride buddy was.  The flight up was really mostly empty so we didn’t have anyone else in our rows and we were able to have a little bit of personal space on the plane.  So nice.


See ya Nashville!


Hello Chicago!


We got our bags and caught a cab.  We didn’t want to mess with a bus or Subway that late at night.  We learned our lesson years ago the first time we flew to Chicago with Lilli as an 18 month old that a cab is so much easier with luggage and a kid.  And it was so late at night and we were all tired, it was much easier to let our cabbie deal with how to get there and traffic.  We got to our hotel at nearly midnight as the Cubs were wrapping up a home victory in the Playoffs.  The hotel lobby was buzzing with happy fans but we went upstairs to get some sleep before our adventures would get started in a few hours!


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