Fall Breaking, Part 4: American Girls

From October 14:

I could basically never, ever get tired of waking up to that view.


We knew this was going to be our rainiest day of the trip – the forecast had called for hard rain all day long.  Blah.  So we’d planned our activities for it, and came prepared with rain coats, hats, umbrellas and enough gear to get us through.  Vacation stops for no weather!


I’d made us reservations for breakfast at American Girl months earlier, as soon as they opened up spots for the day.  It turned out to be a great way to start such a rainy day.  And American Girl was literally just around the corner from our hotel, so we could walk, even in the pouring rain.  Lilli even brought rain gear for her doll, Kate.


The American Girl store in Chicago is pretty much unbelievable.  It has everything and anything a little girl could want, and several floors of it.  The Nashville store looks like a 7-11 compared to it.  They also have the Cafe, a bakery, a real salon for you doll and so much more.


The cafe – basically the entire Nashville store could fit in just the cafe.  We had the first reservation slot of the day and by the time we left the entire cafe was full. Getting reservations there is no joke!


The food at American Girl is so good and this breakfast was no exception.  It’s a fixed price so you just pick from the selections and you even get cupcakes for dessert!


And just like here your doll dines with you and gets a little cup and saucer to keep, along with your napkin “ponytail holder”.  It was definitely our favorite meal of the trip, the food there is so good and it’s really not any more expensive than other restaurants.


Afterwards we did some shopping and spent the rest of the morning in the store.  This is where Lilli fell in love with Tenney, the American Girl country singer from Nashville.


And where Abbi fell in love with the Bitty Baby double stroller.


They have huge sections for each of the Beforever girls, and human size props in just about every section.  Julie’s egg chair was a huge hit and we all tried that out.


On our way out – two very happy American girls.


Ready to brave that rainy walk back to the hotel!


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