Fall Breaking, Part 5: Science Time

From October 14th….

After our American Girl brunch we headed back to the hotel to grab our stroller and a cab and head to the Museum of Science and Industry.  The MSI isn’t really in the core part of the city, so it would have been a couple of bus transfers and with the pouring rain we just didn’t want to deal with standing out and getting soaked so we opted for a cab to keep it simple.  Poor Abbi was already so worn out.  It’s tough being 4 in the big city.


We had never been to the MSI so we were all excited to experience something new, and WOW, is this place impressive! It’s absolutely huge and once again we ended up getting there not as early as we’d hoped and only had about 3 hours to explore.  The line to get in was so long, but we couldn’t do an online ticket because our local Science Center membership got us in completely free! What an awesome deal! We didn’t add on any extras since we knew all the included exhibits would more than keep us busy for the rest of the day.  And due to the rain this place was PACKED!


If you can think of it they have it in this museum.  Small carnival type exhibits, a full size train and airplanes, model trains, science experiments, farm exhibits, full size antique cars, farm equipment and on and on and on.  And of course plenty of hands on things.  In this exhibit you have to do funny things to get the computer people to laugh.


When you’re really funny, they start cracking up and laughing.


A view from an upper level looking down.  And that big white airplane – you can go inside it and it’s still a “real” airplane.  They also had Tesla coil demonstrations which Abbi hated because it was SO loud!


Inside the airplane.  There was literally so much to see, do, and touch here that I could never get them both to look at me at the same time!


On the bottom level they had a full train system with buttons you could press.  It started with models of Chicago and then


showed the train moving out West through the mountains ultimately to Seattle’s coastline.  Abbi was a huge fan of this exhibit.


We stayed until they closed and then took a cab back to our hotel area.  We decided to head over and eat at Cheesecake Factory in the base of the Hancock tower.  It wasn’t raining as much anymore but was so foggy you couldn’t see the top of the tower.


When Brent and I first visited Chicago in the summer of 1998 as part of a college class we ate here with the group.  It was the first time we’d ever eat at a Cheesecake Factory and this one is so crazy because it’s designed like the inside of a cheesecake! We thought the girls would enjoy it and it’s just a fun touristy spot.  Their food really isn’t all that great though, but it was fun to go back and visit again 19 years later!


This time we just had two additions.


Outside they had some fun Cubs scarecrows since they were in the playoffs hoping to make it to the World Series.


Brent wanted to run in a couple of stores so the girls and I went back to…..American Girl.


They’d been dying to swim in the hotel pool and we’d told them we’d try and go later.  Once we were back in our room the lightning started up again and was really, really strong.  And swimming in a 27th floor pool with total glass windows just didn’t seem like a great idea.  And the lightning kept going and going and going.  Finally Brent took them up for about a half an hour – Abbi was so thrilled she was tall enough to stand in the most shallow part of the pool.  And when we got home and people asked her the best part of the trip “I could stand in the pool.”  Well, there you go.


When they got back to the room she was completely tuckered out.  She’s definitely getting big but a trip like this with so much to do and not a lot of down time would wear her out and she fell asleep in every cab we took.  We weren’t excited about bringing a stroller but it was so nice when she was tired to have something she could sit in and take a break.


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