Fall Breaking, Part 6: Museums and Friends

From October 15 –

I got up early the next morning and spent some time in the hotel gym.  With a treadmill view like this who needs a TV? I think more people would work out everyday if this was their exercise view!


We had breakfast in our hotel and then headed around the block to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art.  Chicago has an AMAZING art museum but we knew the girls wouldn’t enjoy the larger museum and that it wasn’t worth the fight, so we picked this smaller museum of contemporary art to visit instead.


This is definitely a place we wouldn’t visit again.  On their website they had said it was a Free Day, and it wasn’t.  Then they didn’t offer any discount with our membership to our local art museum.  AND, over half the exhibits were not even open because they were changing out exhibits – yet they offered no discount.  So basically, there was very, very little there to see and what they did have wasn’t very good.


Abbi stayed in her stroller the entire time, I think she was just so tired, and was actually really good.


The best part was this cozy place to lounge on the bottom floor.  And the gift shop had lots of fun little toys.


From there we hopped on a bus and headed towards Lincoln Park to visit a Nature Museum.


First stop was lunch in a local Italian place – a Bears game was on and it felt like a cute little neighborhood spot to eat.


And from there we had just a couple of blocks walk to the Nature Museum.  We had visited there with Lilli on our previous trip and really enjoyed it and definitely wanted to go back.  It seems like a hidden gem and has never been crowded.  AND we got in free with our local Science center membership.


The girls could play forever in these water building sets.


Their special exhibit was a fun exhibit on backyards – it had little bikes, sand pits, swings, golf and tons of “outdoor” activities.


And the live butterfly area is always a big hit.  They aren’t as keen on you touching them here, and both Brent and I got yelled at for picking up butterflies but with reactions like this……totally worth it.


I never got one of the blue ones though!


We stayed until it closed (of course) and the kids could’ve probably stayed three more hours doing their favorite centers over and over.

From there we walked a few blocks over to meet our friends Josh and Sarah.  They came to see us in 2011,  and we had visited them in 2010 in Chicago.  I’m so glad we could meet up again – and that this time they could meet Abbi! They were about 3 weeks out from having their first baby, so next time we get together there will be one more little girl in the pack!  We met up at a local gourmet donut shop and had an afternoon snack while they all caught up and we just had a great time talking.  It’s so fun when you have friends that you don’t see in years and mostly only chat with via social media, but in person you don’t miss a beat, either! Maybe social media does serve some purpose.


The girls loved getting to hang out with them, and we all walked back to the chilly bus stop together to say our good-byes.  At least once a week the kids ask when we can go back to Chicago and see Josh, Sarah and Baby Riley.


Their favorite spot to sit on buses was in the “crinkly” connector part because the chairs spin.  For obvious reasons those chairs were always open!!


We were all so zonked when we got back to the room and Brent went out and got us some delicious Mexican takeout and we just had an in room picnic.


And once again – Abbi was wiped! You know she’s absolutely exhausted when she’s falling asleep like that!


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