Fall Breaking, Part 7: Sunrises and History

From October 16-

On our last morning I wanted to get out and take a run on the Chicago Lakefront path and enjoy the sunrise.  The weather on our last day was going to be chilly, but sunny and warming up and it would be a perfect way to kick off our last day of sightseeing.

I’d packed all my gear and got our right when the sky was starting to show off.  Our hotel was really just the perfect location – right off Michigan Ave, right next to the lake, and fantastic views.  We were close to the buses, transportation, and everything was easy to get to.  I got down to the sidewalk and then found a bridge under the road to get over to the famed Lakefront path.


The path has lanes for runners and cyclists, but the water was so high you had to improvise a bit.  The view of Navy Pier as the sun rose was just beautiful.  I’d run that path every day if I lived there!


And the view the other direction –  I ran out this way, I think in total I did around 4 miles that morning.


The waves were so high from the previous storms.  It’s always amazing to me how much Lake Michigan seems like an ocean.


I turned around near this point, once the sun was fully up.  Such a fantastic city.


Meanwhile……two tired girls had a rough time getting up for the day.


After out last breakfast in our fancy hotel with its fancy latte machine, we stored our luggage with the doorman and headed out.  We had another 9 pm flight, so we had all day to explore.  Our first stop, while everything was warming up outside, was the Chicago History Museum.  We took a bus to it, and then just had a short walk.  We’d never visited this museum before so were excited to see something new.  Our first exhibit was one on activism through the years.  It featured a media element where you could pick some words to describe yourself and then pose.  The poses were displayed online, and then cycled through there in the exhibit.

Of course our little feminist picked Protect.


I walked in later after taking Abbi to the bathroom for the 8 millionth time and couldn’t figure out how to pose.  I thought you were supposed to lean into the camera and I went full on selfie.  Everyone was laughing at mine so hard they were crying!


And then came Abbi.  Bless.  “Participate” seems so…….appropriate.  She was so tired and worn out at this point.


Brent made a new friend.


This museum was so neat.  I’d love to visit it again in the future – it had a lot of dioramas that told Chicago history and tons of other exhibits – like this old trolley car, that you could explore.  There were photography exhibits, a locomotive inside, Sports history – if it happened in Chicago you could learn about it here.


And they had history and artifacts from the life of Abraham Lincoln.


There were so many things to explore and the kids were getting tired, the museum was getting crowded from field trips, and we still needed to make sure we had plenty of time for the Zoo before our flight.  The girls wanted to stop back in one last time for the first exhibit:


And they even had a great Kids area where you could turn yourself into a Chicago hot dog, pretend to run the Marathon and do all kinds of fun things.


The Museum was a really short walk over to Lincoln Park Zoo so we headed that direction and ate lunch there before checking out the Zoo for our last activity in Chicago…….(stay tuned!)


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