Fall Breaking, Part 8: Zoo and Homeward Bound

From October 16 –

Woo hoo! The very last Fall Break post! Maybe now I can get somewhat close to catching up before I forget everything – ha! As if.

We were starving for lunch so after a quick lunch in the food court we started visiting the exhibits.  One of the awesome things about the Lincoln Park Zoo is that it’s completely free, and just in the middle of town.  You can see skyscrapers all around as you’re looking at top notch exhibits.  They have it all from a fantastic primate house to lions and penguins and really all the main animals.  There were several things new since our last visit back in 2010.


The weather was nice and sunny and the chill was gone, and crowds were light since it was a work/school day there in Chicago.


Several of their special fall activities were closed during the week so we were limited on some of the things we could do, but we still didn’t have time to visit the full zoo before we needed to head back to the hotel and on to the airport.


Lilli is a savvy shopper and will save up her souvenir bucks throughout a trip.  I’ll usually give them a budget at each place we visit and if Lilli really doesn’t see anything she likes she’ll roll over her dollars so that by the end of the trip she’ll get herself a nice stuffed animal.  So she ended up with this little Zookeeper Tiger who became her new best friend.  And Abbi got an eagle keychain.


And then every exhibit afterwards was a photo opportunity with her new best friend.


I can’t remember what this even was, ha!!!


We had to skip the farm area and petting zoo, and a large section of kids hands on exhibits, but we knew we had to catch the bus back to our hotel and then a cab to the airport, all during rush hour.  Next time maybe we can spend a full day there.

Poor Abbi was so done.  She was just exhausted and tired from being on the go nonstop.


We were laughing so much at her scowls that she finally gave us a smile.  Then we saw a woman nearly get hit crossing in the crosswalk by a car that didn’t stop at the sign and we were basically all ready to get our luggage and head back to a city that’s a little bit smaller.


The cab ride to the airport.  We were a lot tired.


We made it through security and our plane was delayed once again.  So our 9 pm flight became 9:30 due to airplane mechanical issues.  We had a looong time to kill in the airport so we got one last round of Chicago hot dogs and did some shopping.  Midway is so small that there wasn’t even a Starbucks! Such a shame.  Dunkin donuts is just not the same.


All Abbi wanted for dinner was fries and soda.  So at this point, that’s exactly what she ate.


I sat with Lilli on the ride back, the first time she and I rode next to each other all year.  We shared an Ipad and watch House Hunters on the airplane Wi-Fi.


Even though Brent and Abbi were in the row in front of us their presence wasn’t forgotten.  HA! Our plane landed a little after 11 pm, we caught a shuttle back to our car and were home by midnight, tired but glad for a fun trip to Chicago.  Every time we ask for travel ideas for this year they both instantly ask to go back! It’s such a fun city to visit and there’s still so many things we haven’t done there yet.


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