Back to Reality

From October 17 – 22…..

That first morning back in the routine is never easy.  The struggle was very real after our late, late flight.


Lilli got her first ever report card! We don’t start “Real” grades until 3rd grade in our county and she hit it out of the park with Straight A’s and very high scores! School is the real deal this year with all kinds of homework, tests (usually about 5 a week!) and projects and she’s had a great year so far.


My very first bullseye!


We had an old watermelon that had started rotting so we did what all normal people do and shot it with our bow and arrow.  Lots of fun.


Saturday night we took the kids to Let It Shine so we could have a date night.  We tried a new chicken place and did some shopping and reading.  It was so nice to get a break!


I had gotten the girls some really cute dresses at H&M for the Halloween season, I always buy their dresses each year because they’re so fun and different.  This year’s dresses were skeletons that actually glowed in the dark.  And I just wanted one nice picture.


I think we can all see how that went.


Lilli was more than happy to oblige with a good pose showing off how cute they were.


This “Chandler Bing” look was the best we got.  And I use the term “best” very lightly.


I had a somewhat matching dress in my Le Tote box that week so I also wanted a cute pic of us girls dressed all dark for the Halloween season.


At least we got one somewhat good one!


They were better for Brent – as long as she could have a stick.


I miss those nice falls days when they could ride bikes and we could all play outside without coats and enjoy some sunshine.  She’s getting so big for her bike and Lilli is, too.  This spring we’re going to need to do some passing around and upgrade Lilli.


When we were knocking on neighbor’s doors selling Girl Scout cookies this week one of our neighbors said “Oh yeah, you guys are the ones who sit out in the yard a lot while the kids ride bikes and play.” Why yes, that IS us! And I can’t wait to be back out in the sun!!


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