Halloween Festivities

From October 23-27…..

I got our Halloween costumes out of the attic and there’s definitely a large selection of dog attire leftover from our days of dressing up Pippin.


My parents were passing through town so they stopped to treat us to a night out at Chuck E Cheese.


A little sister photo booth fun.


They’ve gotten rid of my favorite game – Deal or No Deal – and a lot of the other games we’ve always liked playing.  They did add in Crossy Road, which we’d never tried before, and we all got addicted pretty quickly.  I didn’t know it was an app, but we added it to the Ipads and the girls have really enjoyed it.  And everyone is better at it than me!


Lilli had her fall party at school – PJ Day and lots of snacks and games.


And Abbi had her Halloween parade later the same day.  The kids and teachers dress up and do a parade followed by Trunk or Treat.  Rainy and chilly weather was moving in, so they moved it indoors to the gym which was way better! The little ones are always so cute in the giant buggies.


Abbi was happy to be in the parade this year – she went as Elsa that night.  She never commits to a costume, so we just let her pick something we already have.  Otherwise she changes her mind about three times a week.


Abbi and Stella with their teacher Miss Rachel.  Abbi’s teachers decorated a Star Wars booth and all dressed up as Star Wars characters.  Abbi and Stella ran around the entire night and acted like big kids who don’t need parents.  She’s growing up!


And Abbi and Miss Chelsey.  Miss Chelsey is a “floater” and works in all the classes giving breaks and filling in when people are out.  She also gets their snacks together and helps out all the rooms.  She’s also our favorite babysitter and goes to our church, so Abbi was thrilled they were both Elsa.


And Miss Becca, her teacher from her last class, came up for the parade.  She doesn’t work there anymore but loves to drop in and visit the kids and keeps in touch with us.


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