Halloween 2017

From October 28 – 31…..

We decided Olli might be getting old enough to get a bed – and not chew on it.  We wanted to start getting him off of sleeping on the couch, so we figured we’d give it a try.


I’d say he’s a big fan of it! And he hasn’t chewed on it too much.


Serif celebrated his 9th birthday by having a roller skating party.  I’m always happy to get out there and keep Lilli company on the rink!


Abbi didn’t want to try skating so she kept Pepper company on the sidelines.


The birthday boy and his Star Wars cake!


Later that afternoon our old church in East Nashville was having their annual Trunk or Treat so we went to see old friends.  We rarely make it over there for anything so it was a lot of fun to catch up and see some familiar faces.


Lilli always loves when she and Audrey can spend time together, and Audrey’s costume was my favorite of the entire Halloween season.  She designed it herself, and the box opened out to for people to put candy in.


Pre-school snuggles.  His bed has been a big  hit for him.


On Halloween I worked from home and had Olli in his bee costume when the girls got in.  They both thought it was absolutely hilarious that he was already dressed up. He didn’t find it nearly so humorous.


The girls went to a couple of our neighbors houses that they know pretty well, and then we went over to a friend’s neighborhood to trick or treat with a group.  Our street is so small and doesn’t really get into the spirit that much, so we typically do our trick or treating elsewhere.


The motley crew.  All the girls (except Abbi) were characters from Descendants.  Lilli was Uma, the daughter of Ursula.  Her costume was so hard to find – I ordered it in September and it was still backordered and I never saw it in Party City or any actual stores.  Sofia was Mal, Livvy was Evie, Natalie was Dizzy, Kaitlyn and Lilli were both Ursula and then Abbi wanted to be Elsa for Halloween night.


We just wore our normal clothes.


Kaitlyn’s neighborhood goes all out with decorating and the streets were crowded with large groups trick or treating as well as groups being pulled in trailers and all kinds of golf carts and everything else.


The two Umas.


This house had a disco ball in the trees and all kinds of music and things going on.


These kids got all kinds of loot.  Some houses were doing full size candy bars and everyone was giving out a ton of candy.  When we got home we weighed their candy bags and between Abbi’s school, Trunk or Treat and trick or treating the girls had FOURTEEN pounds of candy.  Insane.  Of course everyone was breaking into their full size candy bars first!


And Halloween PJs for bedtime! Another fun and successful Halloween.


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