A Night with Prince

From Nov 6-8……

On these dark winter nights we entertain ourselves any way we can!


A big thunderstorm came through overnight one evening and brought with it a ton of thunder and a lot of rain.  It was especially heavy on our side of town, and sounded like a monsoon outside.


We had extra visitors who ended up camping out in our room.


Brentwood experienced a lot of flooding – this is normally not a creek at all.


And we even ended up having a lake in our backyard, which very rarely ever happens.


Abbi loves her hand sanitizer and especially all her keychain ones she keeps on her backpack.  At pickup her friends always rush over to get some before we love.  She’s basically a dealer of antibacterial cleansing in the Pre-K world.  At home sometimes she gets in it so much we have to hide it from her.


Back in the early part of the summer the Symphony center had announced their fall line-up and they had a Prince cover artist coming in November.  I love Prince’s music and had “liked” the concert on Facebook.  Our friend Wendy saw my “like” and messaged me about going with them as a surprise for Tim’s birthday.  The only way to get tickets that early was to get a season pass – where you pick at least 3 shows – so we both got passes and picked a few other shows to get seats before they went on sale to the public.  I’m glad we did because the show sold out! The bonus was finding out Brent’s employer would reimburse us half our tickets! The owner of his company is a huge supporter of the arts, and was married to the original symphony conductor, so she extends a lot of offers to encourage employees to support the arts.  We ended up getting tickets for 4 shows for the fall season.

What we didn’t realize back in July when buying tickets is that our show was the same night as the CMA Awards – the biggest country music award show of the year.  And the awards were just a block away at the arena.  Oops!! Traffic is always so bad that night, and parking, and road closures for all the red carpet and celebrities.  We ended up getting there as early as possible and parking in my spot further outside the main downtown strip.  Walking down we got to enjoy all the sights and sounds of “country music’s biggest night.”


Of course we paused in front of the arena for a quick picture.  All the people heading in were full of sequins and sparkles.  Next year we decided we needed to attend.


We stopped and watched the red carpet for a few minutes, too.


We met Tim and Wendy at Bakersfield Tacos for dinner.  They bring your tacos out on this giant tray.  They were all SO good! Definitely a fun place to eat before the show.  We’d tried to get reservations at a few places but everything was booked up several weeks in advance with everything going on downtown.


Afterwards we headed over for the show.  We had seats in the front row of the balcony so we had a nice view of the stage.  It was our first time to be there in several years.  It’s such a pretty facility and there really are no bad seats in the entire place.


The show was fantastic.  The singer told lots of stories about Prince and even some of his interactions with him. He really sounded and looked very close to Prince and it was probably one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.


The girl who sang with him was also fantastic as was the Symphony.  Just a really fun night.


We tried to get a good picture afterwards but it was just hard to get a spot with enough light.  Tim and Wendy are always fun to go out with and we don’t get to see them nearly enough.  For one of our other tickets we all got seats together for a Cirque show back in December with the kids, and now we have tickets coming up for Wicked this spring.


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