November Randoms

From November 9 – 14…..

I broke down and got us an automatic latte/cappuccino machine.  It’s nowhere near the nice ones at Sur La Table or like what we used in Chicago, but it’s really nice to be able to make a soy vanilla latte at home!


I had Veteran’s Day off and no one else in the family did, woo hoo! So I used the day to completely take everything out of my closet, try it all on, and get rid of things that didn’t fit or I didn’t really like.  My closet had looked AWFUL and needed some major help.  As nice as it would’ve been to relax the day away, this needed to be done and I never have that much free time to tackle a big project uninterrupted.


I did plan to have lunch with Lilli, and when I came down I found this.  It’s a rough life.


It was fish nugget day.  The company was so much better than the nuggets.


The finished project! It literally took me all day, I think I got done about 10 minutes before Lilli got off the bus.  But it looked SO good when it was done and has stayed neat and organized.  Those shelves were all just overflowing with clothes.  I couldn’t find anything and it was just frustrating.  I also cleaned out the chest of drawers so it isn’t jammed full of old things that don’t fit or are out of style.


The discard stack.  I think it ended up being about 200 items.  Minus Abbi.


Breakfast tacos for the win!


Molly had her 3rd birthday party at a gym in Hendersonville.  It always cracks me up how these two cling onto each other in a picture.


Birthday girl!


Sweet sisters, when they want to be.


Fall living.  They love their trampoline so much!


Everyone is still enjoying gymnastics on Tuesday nights.  Lilli is in Intermediate Cheer and Tumble and Abbi is still in Pre-Rec.


It always cracks me up when Lilli’s face pops up on ads. I’ve seen her in so many promotional ads for so many of the camps she’s attended!


We ran into Lowes to do errands and Christmas was all set up.  The girls were SO excited for the holiday season to begin!


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