November Randoms Part 2

From November 15 – 20…..

I’m not sure what the class assignment was, but Lilli wrote a letter to our 84 year old neighbor thanking him for his service.  She wanted us to take it over to him, and needless to say he was tickled pink.  It’s probably not very often someone tells him they feel safe around him anymore!


We’re at the library at least once a week keeping all the family bookworms busy.  Lilli loves graphic novels and discovered the new Babysitters Club books.  I wish I still had some of my old ones because I think she’d really enjoy them.  She read these in about 1-2 days each.  On top of all her school reading…..


Brent went to spend a Saturday with his dad so we had a full on Girls Day.  We hit the mall and literally spent 5 hours there, in about 3 stores.  We had lunch at Subway, stared at Santa, and played in Build a Bear, Claire’s, and American Girl. I really don’t think we even went in any other stores.


Relaxing in the sunroom.


The little sunroom couch can hold 4 people.  I wouldn’t say all of us were comfortable though….


When your sister is the funniest person you know!


Lilli always has the full week of Thanksgiving off.  It’s crazy, but it’s just how our school system works.  So we took off Monday and had a family day since we had a little extra vacation time to use.  We hadn’t been to Adventure Science in a while so we used our membership to check out the current train exhibit and then play with all the old familiars.  Abbi in jeans is about the cutest thing ever.


The good old pulley.


And her favorite – the ambulance.  They’re doing some remodeling and we got to try the new virtual reality area.  It was ok, but some of the things it replaced were more kid friendly since you have to be a teen to do the VR exhibit.


Afterwards we headed to Hallmark to let them pick their annual ornaments and to go ahead and get their standard Sisters ornament.  We’ve learned you have to get there early to get good choices!


I had started coming down with a cold that weekend and just wasn’t feeling very good.  After we got back from our errands I laid down in the sunroom to take a short nap.  Brent had told Abbi not to wake me up under any circumstances.  So when I did wake up I saw her – staring at me through the window just waiting for my eyes to open so she could rush in.  You’re never alone if Abbi is around……


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