From November 21 – 24……

From my office view downtown I can see a lot of amazing sights – sweeping views of downtown, the river, and pretty much anything else you want to see from 24 floors up.  And on this particular day we got to watch the Tennessee State Tree being delivered for Christmas.  It rolled up Charlotte and then it took them an hour and a half to get it unloaded and hooked to two cranes.


The two cranes then lifted it in the air and placed it on the balcony before securing it with various ropes and harnesses.


The broader view of the state capital.  I’m excited for the renovations for the tower to be complete to see all the work that’s been done restoring it.


Playing Scribblehead with someone who can’t read or write is always…..interesting.


Happy Birthday Olli! Our furry friend turned 3.


I had started feeling bad over the weekend with a really sore throat, thought I was feeling better, and then on Tuesday started feeling worse and by Wednesday was feeling terrible.  I called the Blue Cross doctor’s line and was able to speak with a doctor (free) and get a prescription called in for me.  We’ve done that a few times on minor things like sinus infections and it’s been wonderful.  For Thanksgiving we had reservations to Sperry’s again to enjoy some turkey and not have a ton of work to do ourselves!

Abbi always loves getting fancy and people watching.


I wish I could say I enjoyed my meal but I couldn’t taste a thing.  I kept asking Brent if the food was spicy.  I also remember taking Abbi to the bathroom and a woman saying something to me about how great those little years were and I just remember being so confused and not making much sense.  But I’m sure the food was good, as always.


Everyone seemed to enjoy it!


I DO remember their homemade peppermint ice cream.  I think that was the best thing I ate all holiday season! These two turkeys wanted to pose with the tree afterwards.  I don’t remember anything else from Thanksgiving day, I think I slept most of the afternoon.  We looked at the sales ads, didn’t see much, and I bought a thing or two online, but not much.


The following day we went to my parent’s house for the day.  We ate some of Bruce’s bbq, did a little shopping, and went to see the cotton being harvested next to Aunt Evonne’s house.


It was really pretty, and also so dusty!


The girls had fun running around and playing in it, and the Kasey and Cody got up in the big tractor and drove around a bit.


Strong girls! I was feeling a little better that day, but still not great at all, so we came home so I could rest some more.


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