November Wrap Up

From November 25 – 30….

Squirrels have become Olli’s greatest obsession.  He can literally sit at the foot of the tree all day and wait for the squirrels to come and go.  As soon as the sun is up he’s waiting by the back door to run out and chase any who are on the ground looking for food.  He gets really, really close but so far hasn’t caught one (that we know of.)


We started decorating for Christmas! It takes a solid day to get it all out and down.  It’s quite the project.


We put our big tree up in the bonus room this year.  It’s just so big for the living room and we enjoy it more upstairs anyway.  I really liked having it up there and getting to enjoy it more as we play in the evening.


Their posing game is pretty strong…..


Even better when we all have our dog sweaters on and find a new matching inflatable! Thanks Walmart!


Eating by the fire at Wendy’s is their favorite thing to do.


Our elf, Flower, returned for the Christmas season! She brought some candy and Home Alone 2.


When I work from home Olli is always nearby.


Lilli writes the sweetest notes to Flower.  She was just dying for her to move this year.  Some of her friends claim they’ve seen their elf move.


Breakfast for dinner night – Lilli wanted to cook the pancakes.  Obviously she took her job very seriously and did a great job with it!


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