The Busiest Day of the Year, Part 1

From Dec 1 – 2…..

Abbi made this cute reindeer in class.  I thought it turned out so cute and very abstract artsy.  Her artistic skills have come a long way in Pre-K this year.


Flower was sneaky and took Lilli’s phone one night and snapped some selfies with Olli.  Lilli is so smart she looked and saw that Flower’s hands were in her lap so she thinks another elf was with her that night to take the picture.  She also saw that the pictures were taken at 10:29 pm  so she figured out that’s when she must come every night, right after Brent and I usually go to bed.


My coach was napping on the job Saturday morning.


We always have one Saturday of the year that is just insane beyond all control.  That happened to us Dec 2nd this year.  It seems everyone plans all the special holiday activities on that first Saturday of the month.  We’re getting better about saying No when things just don’t make sense or mean we’ll end the weekend ragged, but this one particular Saturday every year ends up being a sprint no matter what.  This year we did skip the Breakfast at Bethlehem at our church because it conflicted with our Library tickets and also a birthday party of one of Abbi’s good friends because it was right in the middle of it all, too.

We’ve been to our Morning with Santa at our wonderful library every year since we moved out here.  Because we had afternoon Symphony tickets we got early Magic show tickets and went to see Santa soon after it opened.  The line was pretty long and the closer we got the more upset Abbi got.  By the time it was our turn she was a mess and said she didn’t want to see Santa.  Lilli said she didn’t want to sit in his lap but they told her to anyway.  It’s not a great looking Santa or a good looking set up, but it’s free and who would pay for this:


That’s as close as Abbi would get to him.  She was already crying, and as we were trying to calm her down and as I was trying to talk her into getting closer and trying NOT to be in yet another Santa pic with them we noticed Lilli was pulling her hair.  Yup.  Obviously that made the situation better.


We called her out on it because OBVIOUSLY YOU ARE PULLING HER HAIR IN FRONT OF SANTA and she thought it was hilarious.  Abbi did not.  And this is the best picture we got.  Definitely not a Christmas card shot this year.


We moved on and they wrote their letters to Santa, Lilli asking for her American Girl things and Abbi drew a picture of the double stroller she wanted from American Girl.


Lilli wanted her face painted by the high school girls and Abbi chose to watch.


And of course one of the best parts – cookies! Afterwards they had a little time to play in the library before the magic show and starting to run into several friends who had tickets at the same time.


We’ve been to the magic show every year as well and even though some of the tricks are the same it’s so fun to watch.  He’s a great magician and he works in lots of other good “kindness” type messages for the season.  And every year there’s plenty of new tricks, too.


Our favorite is always the “don’t lick the candy cane – you don’t know where it’s been”  bit where the candy cane ends up being a toilet plunger.  That’s a sentence that ends up being repeated in this house year round when someone has a hard time listening and doing what they’re asked.


Afterwards we bought one of his new magic wands he was selling and posed for one last painful looking picture before heading home for a very quick bite of lunch and heading downtown for an afternoon at the Symphony!


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