The Busiest Day of the Year, Part 2

From Dec 2-

After a quick lunch at home we got back in the car and headed downtown for our afternoon Symphony tickets.  It was such a pretty day in Nashville.  We parked over in the Titans lot and walked across the pedestrian bridge.


We were a bit early in case we ran into parking issues so we had plenty of time to stop on the bridge and enjoy the sights.  It was such a nice December day that there were musicians on the bridge and plenty of people out sightseeing.


And just the two of us.


The Hintons weren’t too far behind us and met up in the lobby where a high school chorus was singing Christmas carols.  We weren’t able to get seats in the same row, but we had gotten seats right in front of each other.  The kids ended up sitting in front of us 4 adults, and Evie sat in Wendy’s lap.

The show was Cirque at the Symphony.  It combined the symphony with a variety of performances.  Some were ariel ropes, some were magic, others were feats of strength – a wide variety of somewhat traditional circus type acts.  Our favorites were always the ariel ropes.


The guy in the spinning circle was also really cool.


At intermission we went outside to stretch out legs.  Abbi had already gotten impatient and was sitting in my lap.  It’s questionable how much she really enjoyed it.


After intermission we made some seating swaps.  Brent and Abbi swapped, and Zach and Wendy swapped so he could see better.  These two girls were just there to have  a good time and catch up!


My seating buddy.  I use the word “seated” loosely.  I spent most of the second half pulling her back into that seat.


All of the lights and Christmas decor was so pretty.


More ariel tricks….


Overall it was a pretty good show but I’m not sure it’s one I’d see again.  I think next year we’d pick something different for our Christmas kids outing that might keep their attention more.  I think they had just as much fun walking back over the bridge as they did in the show.


Selfie for 9! We all made it – barely! I think Evie and Abbi were happy just to be included in an outing.  But they’ll be sitting Wicked out in April when we all go see that show at TPAC!


Picking their next classy outing.


We headed straight from there to pick up Lilli’s sleeping bag for a slumber party at one of her best friend’s house.  I figured she wouldn’t be a problem getting to sleep that night as busy as we’d been!


So Abbi had an evening with us all to herself.


Of course after some burritos we went to her favorite spot – Krispy Kreme!


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