Brentwood Traditions

From Dec 3 – 5….

Abbi has discovered tights through her ballet class that she started taking last fall – and surprisingly she LOVES tights.  I am constantly having to tell her that tights are not pants.  It’s a battle we fight multiple times per week.


A pretty Sunday afternoon in December is the PERFECT time for practicing our archery.  I miss weather like this!! It’s been a long winter since we’ve gotten to practice.


Abbi loves to wear ballet things all the time.  Bike riding in a tutu and tights? Why not?


The State tree all decorated for Christmas.  It was so nice having a view of the tree the entire holiday season.


We went to the annual Brentwood tree lighting and made sure to get tickets for the Polar Express reading again.  Several of Lilli’s friends were able to get tickets for the same reading so she sat with them.  It’s become a fun tradition to watch the tree being lit, eat some cookies, and then listen to the Conductor read the Polar Express.


Thankfully she can still hear the bell, at least for this year.


Afterwards we went back out to look at the tree – it’s a lot easier to do when the crowd has thinned out!


Family tree photo for 2017!


It was Awards night at gymnastics when the girls get their medals for the semester to reward their hard work.  Lilli got her Intermediate Cheer and Tumble medal.


I have no idea how many medals she has! She’s been going there since Abbi was a newborn!  She’s done Pre-Rec, Advanced Pre-Rec, Shining Stars, Beginning Cheer and now Intermediate Cheer.  She also did the Ninja class for a while, too.


And Abbi – she wanted to wear her ballet outfit, of course.


And you also get trophies for the number of years you’ve been there, so Lilli added some trophies for years of service to her collection, too.


Lilli with ALL her gymnastics medals.  The girl has cleaned house over the years between her participation medals each semester and also the ones from competitions.  I told her I’d get her a shelf for the trophies to add in the gym, too.  And Abbi does have several medals of her own now so we need to add a rod for her and frame one of her gymnastics pictures, too.  Both girls really enjoy gymnastics and the programs offered at LIS, so as long as they like it and we can get their classes at roughly the same time we’ll keep it up.


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