May the Force Be With You

From Dec 11 – 16…..

Not a lot of exciting pictures from this part of December.   Abbi got over her stomach bug and was able to go back to school.  Lilli had a ton of projects, tests, and assignments due during her last few days.  They had to do a book presentation, time line, and costume of a biography chapter book.  She picked Abigail Adams and we all learned a lot about one of the former first ladies and one of the first feminists.  She ended up wearing my same old Easter dress – it’s come in quite handy for all her “old time” dress up days at school.  Sadly I’m not entirely sure I grew up in the “old times”.


Abbi helped make some cookies for her teachers at school.


Just a regular library visit with Miss Fancy pants.  The stroller actually comes in handy at the library for helping us cart books.  When it isn’t full of multiple babies.  She wants to have one baby and one boy when she grows up.  The concept that babies don’t always stay babies is still lost on her.


The new Star Wars came out so we had to go out and see it opening weekend.  We dropped the little sisters off at Parents Night Out at LIS so we could triple date again.


Of course the three of us had to dress us! I got a new Carrie Fisher shirt for myself since this would sadly be her last time to be Leia.


Of course Lilli had to do lots of cute and fancy posing afterwards.  She really liked the movie.  Brent and I thought it started slow but then picked up the last half.  The theater was so crowded and they now do assigned seats.  That part was nice because we were running late getting through concessions after the girls got dropped off, but on the flip side I was stuck next to a really strange guy who brought in a burger and chomped ice the entire time.  Last year I went to a total of two movies, and that’s pretty much why.


Lilli and Serif.  I think he was less than impressed with her fancy moves.


The move crew! I’m sure we’ll do it all again when the new one comes out in May! It took about 10 shots to get this since Lilli kept doing peace signs and all kinds of other random gestures.


Did the little sisters miss us a bit or feel bad they didn’t get to go to the movies? Um, no.  I think they had plenty of fun on their own.


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