Unexpected Date

From December 6-10…..

For a few days Abbi had been complaining of her stomach hurting.  We really thought maybe she was just constipated, and it seemed to come and go – mostly coming when she didn’t want to do something and going when she did want to do something.

On this particular day, I got a call near the end of the day that she was complaining of her stomach really hurting.  Brent was already on his way and I had just left work, too.  When he got to her she kept saying she was going to throw up and we were trying to figure out what was going on.   All of this was about 15 minutes before our babysitter was coming for our Date Night to go see a holiday show at the Symphony.


She was standing over the toilet when Miss Chelsey got to our house, so she went upstairs to visit with Lilli while we decided what to do.  Abbi promptly fell asleep in the floor, then threw up, then went back to sleep.  We were all sad – as Chelsey left Abbi asked why she was leaving.  Lilli was upset because she loves to spend time with Chelsey, and then of course Brent and I weren’t too thrilled to have our night out rearranged.

So, Lilli became my date for Jennifer Nettles holiday show at the Symphony.  Instead of a nice dinner out, we ate fish sticks at home before heading downtown.


I didn’t expect I’d be taller than my date that night.


I had gotten Brent and I really nice seats at the front of the middle section for the show.  We’re not huge Jennifer Nettles fans, but we have always enjoyed trying different holiday shows around town and had hoped she might bring some special guests.


I had thought it would be all holiday songs, but she mixed her hits with Sugarland’s hits and also some holiday songs.  I felt bad for Lilli because she had no idea who this lady was and this will go down as her first real concert.


Overall it was a good show, but I don’t think I’d see it again.  She’s a good singer but it was so few holiday songs that it didn’t seem like a Christmas show.


One last shot with my date.


Brent stayed home with Abbi the next day.  She woke up saying she felt good and it was Nacho day at school so they surprised Lilli to have lunch with her.


Lilli picked Katelyn to eat with her.


And then while they were eating she started feeling bad again.  Brent took her to the doctor and she tested negative for flu and strep, and they said it would just be a virus for a few days.


I stayed home with her on Friday.  She woke up early and then went right back to sleep.


And I spent most of the day working like this.


The next day I went and got my hair cut and color updated.  It felt great to get out of the sick house and get spruced up!


That night was luminary night in Brentwood.  It was so cold and windy they kept blowing out and over, including one of our neighbors across the street having one catch on fire!  We went out to look at lights later that night but Abbi was in a bad mood and kept telling us she wanted to throw up so we would go home.  A nice, fun night of holiday lights just wasn’t in our cards that night!


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