Last Day of School!

From December 21…..

The last day of school before Winter Break is always the best, and this year Lilli had her big Chorus performance!

This year she had wanted to do Chorus – it’s only open to 3rd-5th graders, so all semester one morning a week before school she goes to Chorus with a bunch of her friends.  The Dance group is open to 4th and 5th graders, and Stage is only for 5th graders. She wants to try Dance next year and Stage in 5th, or at least that’s her current plan.

We’d heard her practicing the songs all semester and now it was time to finally see them on stage!


She’s on the front left side, 8th kid from the left (as you look at the stage.)


A little more of a close up during one of the songs…..


During some of the songs the dance team danced while they sang, sometimes it was just dance, and sometime chorus.  Even though she’s been in gymnastics since she was 4, I was always a little worried she might not be seasoned enough for Dance team next year.  After the performance I no longer have that worry.  It’s very low key and definitely open to all……


The full Chorus.  It was a cute performance with songs, a video storyline and just a fun little Winter Break message.


Her favorite and mine – a song from Hamilton.  Complete with Chorus “moves”.


Their performance was at 9 and then their Christmas party at 11 so I worked from home that day and came back for their holiday party since they were getting out a half day.  She invited her friend Emerson to come home with us and play for the afternoon.  They gave Ms Smart big hugs and told her they’d see her next year.  She is literally the sweetest teacher ever and I hope Abbi has her in a few years!


Meanwhile……Abbi was having a big day, too! They had PJ and Polar Express Day.  Miss Rachel sent me this sweet picture.  Abbi has the best teachers, they are all so sweet and cuddly to her and are so fun to be around.


They got to watch Polar Express and even had a conductor and hobo come to class.  They all got Golden Tickets and had so much fun.  This is her class and the class of 3/4s that she was in last year.  Abbi’s class is standing while the younger ones are sitting.  Her teachers are in the back left – Miss Allison, Mr Collin, and then Miss Rachel is next to the hobo (her boyfriend.) Miss Rachel is leaning on Miss Barb, who was one of Abbi’s teacher’s last year.  Abbi’s on the left side in front of the Conductor – next to her bestie Stella and behind her boyfriend Isaac.


That night we decided to head out for some holiday light viewing.  Abbi decided to move back to the third row and she’s still there.  It somehow keeps the peace so much better.


We waited 45 minutes to see the Sunnyside lights.  It was just nuts and we were frazzled by the time we got up there.  It’s really fantastic and this was the last year he’s doing all these lights to honor his son who passed away several years ago.  But the crowds this year were insane and by the time we got up to it we were ready to call it a night!


He decorates several houses on the block and is still going to do a small display next year, but this was the last of his big over the top displays.  We’re pretty sure the neighbors on his street won’t be mad since traffic is INSANE and it would be a nightmare if you lived on the street.


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