Christmas Eve

From December 24….

Christmas Eve fell on a Sunday and our church closed its services with a candlelight ceremony.  They had candles for the kids that had the wax guard, so both Abbi and Lilli grabbed one heading into the auditorium.  We lit them by passing the flame down the aisle, and mostly I was just holding my breathe hoping Abbi didn’t decide she was done with hers and light the whole place on fire.  I held mine and helped her with hers, and Lilli never took an eye off her candle and was so glad when it was time to blow them out.  She said it made her so nervous.  Ha!


Matching sisters.  I realized I didn’t have anything new for them for Christmas so I grabbed these at Target really quickly the day before!


That afternoon it was time to make cookies! Lilli is an old pro and really didn’t need a bit of help.


Abbi didn’t need much help, either.  She got in there and was using the rolling pin and really only needed help NOT using a ton of flour.


Baking pros.


I’m basically out of sprinkles after all of this.


She had even managed to die her hands “rainbow” from all the sprinkle usage!


The finished product turned out really tasty and not half bad to look at!


We watched Polar Express and they got to each open one present before bed.  Then they picked out cookies for Santa and Mrs Claus and carrots for the reindeer.  They were wearing their new PJs from their elf, Flower.


One last holiday pose……


Holiday letter to Santa with instructions….


They watched their annual Santa video and checked his location on NORAD before deciding they needed to get in bed.


And of course we had to read The Night Before Christmas.


I’m pretty sure he’s making up some words!


Once the house was quiet and everyone was still…..Santa came!


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