Christmas 2017

From December 25……

Our girls woke up right around their usual time of 7:30 – I’m very thankful not to have kids who wake up at 5 am ready to tear into presents! They also know they aren’t allowed to go up there without us, so they always patiently wait for us to get some clothes on before they run for the tree.

There was a ton of squealing and excitement when they saw what Santa had brought.


We let them start opening our presents pretty soon after checking out everything from Santa.  Lilli had made a few things for us at school.


In her class they had made a few ornaments and some pictures for the parents, which is always the best gift.


Abbi was so excited to get her double stroller from Santa.


With some of their favorite things – Abbi and her bitty babies in their stroller, and Lilli with her new American Girl Tenney.


Playing with all their fun new things.


This is when Lilli opened the American Girl (like) doll that Abbi picked out for her at Target.  Abbi was so proud.  She had picked out the zookeeper one and it was really sweet to see how excited she was about Lilli having it.


And I was equally excited with my new (and larger) electric blanket! I freeze all winter and I love having a big heated blanket for lounging around.


Olli was pretty happy with his gifts, too.


We made a brunch and tried these fun eggs in a “hole” I’d seen on Pinterest.  You cut out your bread and then just pour the eggs in the middle.


The kids loved it and thought it was hilarious.


The rest of the day we just played and relaxed, the perfect way to spend Christmas after a busy holiday season.  Of course the babies did need some exercise.


They played with her new American Girl set for a long time.


Silly sisters.


That night we got the fancy popcorn maker out to watch Home Alone 2.  I doubt Abbi remembers it much and her faces were priceless.


It is such a bear to clean, but it does make movie night more fun!


Nothing makes Christmas better than the fancy popcorn!


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