Girls Day

From Dec 26 – 29….

Brent had to work the day after Christmas so us ladies had a full fledged Girls Day.  Abbi had been asking and asking for a hair cut, and she NEEDED it! Her hair was getting stuck in everything and it was just full of so many knots and tangles.  So our first stop was their hair appointment at the salon I go to.


Her hair grows SO fast.  It’s the envy of all the short haired girls in her classroom, some of whom still haven’t had ANY haircuts!


And Lilli was just wanting a trim.  She’s wanting to grow it back out some.


I didn’t get a good picture of Lilli afterwards (especially since she just wanted a trim), but Abbi got several inches cut off.  They both wanted Miss Megan to give them “curly” hair that day and she did a fantastic job.  They both felt so fancy after a trip to the spa.


And the back – they both got soft curls.


Afterwards we had lunch at Subway (their fave) and then went to Target to let Abbi get an “American Girl” doll and they picked out a salon chair for their dolls.


And a trip to Starbucks for their very own frappucinos.  I usually get one and have them split it in two cups, so they were pretty happy to not have to share one.


When we got home Lilli started her Girl Scout cookie sales.  This was her reaction as the first sales started coming in over her phone.


Winter night cuddles under my new electric blanket.  It’s been a family favorite this entire COLD winter!


My parents stopped by for present exchanges on their way up to Cincinnati.


And that Friday night Abbi was invited to Everett’s birthday jumpy party at Pump it Up.  She had a great time jumping and bouncing with her friends.


Lilli had a great time playing, too.  She made it to the top of the rock wall with no problem!


Enjoying their pizza and cake….


And the wildest part of any party – when they open gifts at the party.  I really think Abbi was over still eating her cake and never came over.  Or she might be right beside Lilli.  I do remember being ready to go and she was STILL eating her cake! She’s never been one to walk away from a perfectly good piece of birthday cake.


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