New Year’s Eve

From Dec 30-31….

We had one final Christmas celebration with Brent’s family on the 30th to round out the holiday.

Abbi and Uncle Eric hanging out on the couch.


After lunch the kids were super excited to tear into the last presents of the year!


Big girls opening gifts…..


And Abbi was really excited to get her very first brand new electronics.  Lilli has had a Kindle for a few years now and loves it, and Abbi loves hers now, too.  They both have the same one and they’ll show each other games and it’s really replaced watching movies in the car on trips.  And with it being the Kids Edition if it breaks – it’s covered!


She also got this little cart that she loves – it’s hard to see but she’s keeping her baby entertained by playing it some sort of show on the Kindle.


Playing with Madison…..


The girls stayed for Granny Camp for a few days at the New Year, before school was getting started again.  We left them there and then headed back for a few days of quiet!


I finally decided to upgrade my Iphone.  I still had a very old 5 with a foggy camera after years of sweat and running and my battery life was terrible.  My work phone is an 8 and it really made me want to upgrade and we decided it was time.  And Lilli was pretty excited because that meant she got my old 5 and her 4 could be retired.  Her 4 doesn’t do some things that even a 5 can do, so we were all really excited by the upgrade.  And the battery life is no issue since she only sends a few texts to us every day and otherwise just uses it for games.


We had a lazy New Years Eve in cooking some steaks, playing games, and watching the countdown.


Abbi got to stay up until midnight for the first time so she was pretty excited.


Happy New Year!!


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