Kicking off 2018

From January 1 – 4……

On January 1st we celebrated our 19th anniversary.  I made us reservations for brunch at Kitchen Notes, downtown in the Omni.  I’d heard AMAZING things about their brunch and it did NOT disappoint.


Their dessert table alone was worth the trip.  The desserts went on and on and on, and this was a fairly early brunch.  They also had a full buffet of breakfast foods as well as chicken, fish, seafood and prime rib.  And the biscuit bar was amazing.


This is my “quit taking my pic and let me eat” face.  And the cheese grits – they had me at cheese grits!


The breakfast side and the biscuit bar…..


I think our reservation was around 10 am and we ate so much I don’t think we ate anything until really late that evening.  It was SO good.  It’s really pricey but it was fantastic fun and definitely anniversary worthy! Afterwards we walked around the hotel and visited Hatch Show.  We got a cute new print for our sunroom.


It was literally 8 degrees that day and just COLD so we didn’t walk around downtown much.  We came home and later in the afternoon we got Olli suited up for a walk.  We had to burn some calories.


Somehow we were the only people crazy enough to be out at the park walking.  So we took that opportunity to take a few pictures in front of the tree, with a very focused Olli who had just licked Brent in the face.


He was pretty worn out later.  That crazy dog loves to sleep on his back like this.


Meanwhile the kids were having fun at Granny camp and camping out indoors.


It was just ridiculously cold.


On our last night alone we finally tried Stout, a burger spot near our house.  Their burgers were good, but those loaded tots were to die for!


The girls have both been in Dolly’s Parton’s Imagination Library program since they were born, where they get a free book in the mail each month until they turn 5.  Lilli got this same book in January of her fifth year, and it was pretty sentimental when Abbi’s came in the mail.  We’ve really enjoyed all those free books!


We met the girls at the mall for their “handoff”.  Granny camp ended with them each getting to pick out a new American Girl doll at the mall.  This was Abbi’s first “real” American Girl doll.


They had a lot of fun at Granny Camp! But the next day it was back to school and back to the routine.


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