Back in the Groove

From January 5 – 11….

That first day back to school after Winter Break isn’t an easy thing (much like tomorrow morning will be after Spring Break!) The struggle and snuggle are real…..


It’s true what they say about the gym being really crowded in January.  I think we were doing a Kids Yoga DVD – and clearly all doing different things.


They blew up my old workplace (and you can see my new building in the background!) It’s making way for bigger and better things downtown, and the old job has moved to a much smaller building a few blocks away.


We watched the demo live over the Ipad.  One of  Brent’s photographer friends took some fantastic pictures of it being imploded.  Quite the sight.  Zero tears from me.


It was Birthday Sunday at church.  The first Sunday of the month all the birthday kids (from 1 until age 18) get to go up and hear their name called, the congregation sings to them and has a special prayer.  Then you get to skip a little bit of church and have homemade cake in the lobby.  The couple that runs this ministry has been doing it every month for 40 years! Hopefully they can hang on for 13 more.


How we entertain ourselves during the cold, cold winter.  Whatever works!


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