First Snow

From Jan 12-13….

It seems wrong to write about snow on this (finally) very Spring like day, but I’m pretty sure I’ll never be caught up and this blog is really just a journal for the kids to have and look back on one day.  They love reading the books as Brent prints them out for them each year and looking back on all the trips they’ve taken and things they don’t remember.  Maybe one day it’ll be more current but I pretty much have given up on that goal!

The forecast had called for our first snow of the year, and they’d made it sound heavy on the ice and rough conditions.  Both of their schools canceled early, and my office actually closed, too (state employees.) Since we all work from home it wasn’t a true snow day, but it was nice and quieter than usual.  Brent decided to stay home as well since they’d made it sound like road conditions would be getting really bad.

It took hours and hours before anything ever began, and it ended up being mostly a non-event, compared to the endless news coverage.  It parked over West TN and gave them a lot of snow and ice, but we got only a small amount.

The first sign of ice/sleet and they were outside to play in it.


Their favorite winter weather activity is snowy/icy jumping.  I think the trampoline is the best thing we’ve ever bought them!


A little later in the day they got their snowgear on and headed back outside.  Olli LOVES snow and ice, the first dog we’ve had that loves to get out there and run in it and eat it.


He’s not alone in his love for eating it……


While we didn’t really get a ton, we did have some pretty icicles.


Lilli had a slumber party to go to that evening, with school canceled and there still being the potential for bad weather they moved up the start time of the party so everyone could drop off before dark.  We were hoping it wouldn’t get bad overnight, but the whole weather system seemed to be stalling out.

Even with Lilli gone Abbi just wanted to be outside playing in it.


First thing the next morning and she was back outside playing with her pup.


Lilli had a lot of fun at her slumber party for Katelyn, and I know Piyan was glad she didn’t have to reschedule and that the girls didn’t get stranded at her house for multiple days!


After we picked up Lilli we all went out to do some birthday party shopping for the girls.  Abbi wanted to take the new cart she’d gotten for Christmas to the store and it served as a pretty good shopping cart for us. Everyone laughed at her everywhere we went with her fake keys and little cart.


We were loving the Super Bowl logo this year – next year we’re hoping for a Super Bowl “Lilli”.


For Abbi’s party favors we let her pick out a keychain and hand sanitizer for her guests.  We wanted her goodie bag to be her “Favorite things” and that’s literally her two favorite things.  We also put a Hot Wheels in the bags.


Afterwards we stopped by Barnes and Noble to browse and look at all the books (And toys).  We were very glad it didn’t end up being a big snowstorm!


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