Snow Day #2

From January 16…..

Even though MLK Day had been somewhat mild (but still chilly!) the forecast was for a cold front to move in overnight and bring a few inches of snow.  After the dud forecast for ice the weekend before I don’t think most of us took the next one very seriously.

And then when I woke up at 5 the next morning to exercise it had just started snowing.  And didn’t really stop until late in the afternoon.  Right around 5 they closed both school and daycare for the day.  So once again I worked from home but at least this time we had fluffy stuff to watch.  When the girls woke up they were pretty excited.


It was coming down pretty steadily all day.


Mid morning Brent decided to go ahead and go in to work, since he’d taken off the Friday before for the “non event” and then had been off for MLK Day the day before.  The timing of these two storms with the holiday didn’t work out so well for anyone except school kids!


Of course the girls went out in it multiple times and it was BITTERLY cold.  I don’t usually mind them playing in it as long as they want since we get snow so rarely, but with both their birthdays coming up I didn’t want them to stay out there the entire day and both end up sick.  They all THREE had such a great time rolling in it and just coming up with a million different ways to enjoy it.  I kept cocoa in the crockpot all day so when they’d come in they could have a hot treat to warm up.


By late afternoon we had around 4 inches in total.


And when Brent came home for the day the street was nicely coated.  I was pretty sure there would be no school for Lilli the next day!


They’d been wanting to sled for a long time, and the previous winter we never had a single snow day so they were pretty excited that this one would work well for sledding down the slope in our backyard.  With all the work Brent put in last summer on clearing the mess left behind by previous owners we gained a lot of extra backyard from all the weeds and overgrown brush.


Once I called it a day from working I got in on the action.  It was SO cold the only way I’d get out there was with the full face mask! I don’t know how the girls had stood it – they’d probably been outside 4-5 times all day long playing.


And Brent all bundled up and sledding.  It was a short hill but still fun! The road wasn’t icy or slick enough to sled in.


Me and Lilli, she looks like a cute little snowbunny.  I’m pretty sure she never feels cold!


And of course as the sun was setting they had to get out and enjoy the trampoline snow and see what they could make happen.


That night we totaled up her final Girl Scout totals and submitted her order to our Cookie Coordinator.  Of course Thin Mints were the most popular, pretty much everyone gets a box of Thin Mints! She also did great with her donations to the armed forces – 20% of her total sales! She’ll get a special badge for that on top of her badges for overall cookie sales.


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