Turning 5

From January 17-18……

The next day Lilli’s school was closed (of course) and Abbi’s was on a couple hour delay.  Several camps in town were open so I signed Lilli up for Let It Shine and dropped them each off for at least a few hours before heading into work.  All the main roads were fine, but side roads and sidewalks were still pretty snowy.


That night for dinner we kept up our birthday traditions and had Italian food for Abbi’s birthday eve.  We went to a little place not too far from us that was pretty good.  Naturally she ordered one thing but ended up eating off my plate of fettuccine.


The next morning she woke up a five year old! She’s been looking forward to five for a while and all the fun it brings with kindergarten and getting to really be “big”.  The birthday fairy delivered a room full of emoji and Descendents balloons and I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  Once again Lilli’s school was closed but Abbi’s was back to its normal schedule.  I signed Lilli up for Let It Shine camp again – she was really burning some calories tumbling ALL.Day.Long.


I picked Lilli up from camp and we took cupcakes to Abbi’s school.  Her friends were more than happy to put away some cupcakes!


Abbi and Lelia.


She wanted pancakes and bacon for dinner and afterwards we opened presents.  She LOVES containers with lids and she was so excited for these new ones.  Which Lilli found to be the funniest thing ever.  Abbi is very particular about her likes, but when it comes to hand sanitizer, keychains, cars, purses, backpacks, containers and cars – you’ve got it made.


She also was pretty excited about this adorable “Tiny House” trailer I got from Toys R Us, Rest In Peace.  It was so cute – a little truck that pulls a Tiny House just like the show we enjoy on HGTV/Hulu.


And her “big” gift was this washer/dryer for our home living play area.  Unfortunately it came ON her birthday so she got to unwrap the brown box and then had to wait for Brent to put it together before they could play.


And then we had some cake, just for our special birthday girl.  Even though her “big” party was the next day we had to have at least a little cake on her actual birthday.


Just a dad and his 5 and 8 year old, at least for 6 days!


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