Turning 5 – With Friends

From January 19…..

That day I saw the Governor eating Chick Fil A down in the cafeteria like everyone else… (except with a few Secret Service people around him) (He’s on the left hand side walking out.)


We had Abbi’s friend party the day after her actual birthday at Pump it Up on Friday night because the parties are SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper on Friday than the rest of the weekend.  Once again Lilli’s school was closed – the main roads were completely fine but because of buses school always gets closed for way too many days.  She had spent the day having a playdate with a good friend of hers whose mom has Fridays off.  Daycare was open like normal, but it had still been a crazy day leading up to Abbi’s party.  Traffic was awful that night and we were literally almost late to her own party (and most everyone who could come was late!)

Abbi wanted to wear her ballet leotard and tights.  She’s loved dance so much and has just been obsessed about wearing her ballet things everywhere! And when it’s your party – you wear what you want!


After we got there she was having the best time with her friends.  We really didn’t take many pictures – we wanted to (try) and keep things more simple this year, not spend a million dollars, and just enjoy birthdays on a smaller scale.  We got out there and played and played and played and had the best time.  Most of the parents got out there with their kids and tried the slides and all the fun obstacles, too.  This is the last year she’ll be with so many of these friends and we just wanted to enjoy it.


Two of Lilli’s friends had little sisters at another party going on there so we invited the big sisters to come and play with Lilli and that worked out great!


This “rock wall” with slide was one of my favorites.  One time when Abbi went down her tights ripped and she was so completely upset.  I told her it was ok and she recovered, but she was so sad about her tights getting torn up.


We had great party pros who got out there with the kids.  They loved this Wipeout inflatable.


We invited Abbi’s teachers and 3 of them came.  She was SO excited to have them there, especially Ms Chelsey.  They got out there and were sliding and playing with them.  It was so sweet of them to come on their own personal time after being with these kids all day!


The kids table


The grow ups…..


Abbi sitting in the birthday kid chair after blowing out her cake.


Her cake from Publix – she got different flavors in each layer.  She wanted a Descendents cake, but Publix didn’t have that theme yet.  So we got this colorful one and then ordered some extra decor from Amazon.


Abbi and Noah


Abbi and Parker


Abbi and Pepper


Abbi with Mrs Becca and Ms Chelsey.  Becca was her teacher last year in “Young Preschool” and Ms Chelsey is a Floater to all the rooms but she’s also our favorite babysitter and goes to church with us, too.  The girls LOVE Chelsey and Lilli has gotten to know her mom a little through church since she’s one of the group leaders for the 3rd-5th grade group.


Some of her girl squad at the end – Adelyn was apparently pretty stuck in her sweater.  From left to right – Adelyn, Hadley (Piper’s sister), Leila, Abbi, Piper, Pepper.  Piper is in our same school zone so she and Abbi will be together next year, too.


This one cracks me up – a lot of tired kids at the end of the day!


Abbi had so much fun at her party and I’m glad we got to enjoy it, too.  The year of Lilli’s 4th birthday party – where I was 37 weeks pregnant – will live in infamy as the time I spent so much time entertaining others that when I got to the food line there wasn’t a single piece of Chic Fil A chicken left.  So now Brent always makes sure that I at least get something – or that I have something to heat up at home.  That year I didn’t get to enjoy a thing so now I try to make sure I actually enjoy their parties a bit more.

We loaded up WAY too many presents and came home.  Abbi is like me – once we get home we will usually crack open the leftover pizza and cake and actually enjoy it.  Lilli wants to get straight to the “good stuff”.


She had a present from the Godbys and was SO excited to get one of the plasma orbs.  She’d wanted one in Chicago but that was way too hard to fly back, so she was really thrilled and surprised.


Abbi’s reaction to all her gifts!


One very, very happy girl.  She had such a great party and birthday night with her friends.


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