The Mouse in the Backyard

From January 20-21…..

A five year old rite of passage is going to get your very own library card.


Later that afternoon we were trying to get caught up on some house cleaning and Abbi had gotten finished with her chores and went ahead to the backyard to play with Olli while Lilli was finishing up her last job.  She came running back in and told us we all had to come outside and see the mouse she and Olli had found in the yard.  We were finishing up the upstairs bathrooms so we slowly took our time to get outside knowing that a “mouse” would be long gone.

Meet the mouse they found:


Yes, that’s a very real armadillo! We couldn’t believe it.  I’ve never seen one alive, and definitely not in Brentwood.  He was in our neighbors (unfenced) backyard, so luckily she and Olli hadn’t gotten too close.  He didn’t seem to mind us standing right by our fence watching him, and Olli was barking a lot, too.  It was so neat to just watch him root around and eventually he ran back up into the woods.


We did tell her what it was, and to not mess with it if he was ever in our yard.  Our back fence is just a mess and is high on our project list for this summer.  It has tons of gaps and if Olli wanted out he could easily go exploring, but he doesn’t ever seem to want to.

One day after a rough overnight storm we noticed a panel of the fence had blown down.  It was a cold and rainy day so Olli would be staying inside while we were all gone to work and school, so it was no big deal.  We were waiting on the bus and talking about it and Abbi got upset about the fence and said “What if the devil gets in?” She was really upset about it and Lilli and I couldn’t figure out what in the world she was talking about.  She eventually explained herself enough that we figured out “Armadillo” was the word she was looking for! She thought she’d found the devil next door….and she didn’t want him getting in our backyard and hurting Olli.


They love when we’re working on projects at home and need to go into At Home to furniture shop.


Our living room was just a complete and total eyesore.  The couch was so nasty from being old AND from Olli chewing it up.  The rug didn’t match a thing, and the room was just never used and downright awful to pass through every day.  So we bought a cheap rug and also an inexpensive sofa to make it much more livable.


There are three reasons (shown below) that we went pretty cheap on everything.  The rug is definitely not high quality but it’ll last a few years until less things get spilled and pooped on.


The new couch! It’s really very comfortable and has worked out well there.  Since then we’ve also painted and added new curtains to help bring it all together.


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