Turning Nine

From January 22 – 24….

Before Preschool one morning – a little bit country, a little bit sporty, and a fair amount of Karate Kid.  She’s a girl with her own style!


Lilli woke up on her birthday to lots of fun balloons from the Birthday Fairy and she wanted cinnamon rolls that morning, too.  Thinking hard about that wish…..


Brentwood’s newest Nine year old! I happened to find those shirts at Target this year and they were perfect for both girls!


I went and had lunch with Lilli for her birthday and she picked her friend Emerson to sit with us at the “special” table.  They don’t allow you to bring in any food for birthdays due to the “obesity epidemic”, so we sent in little erasers for her to give all her friends.


She didn’t want to skip gymnastics on her birthday eve so we went out for her traditional Mexican dinner on her actual birthday.  We ran into her third grade teacher and Emerson and her family, too! It was a popular night for Mexican food!


I didn’t get her anything especially big for her birthday but she was excited about all the smaller things I found.  She’d been wanting a bookmark that has a timer on it for a long time and was THRILLED!


She LOVES World Record books so we ordered her an old (out of print) one from the year she was born.  I also got her several animal fact books, some gemstone kits, a few little Animal Jam things and a gymnastics play set for her American Girls.


She picked out a small chocolate cake for her actual birthday, we had a larger cake for her slumber party.


The new 9 year old!


And Brent had been wanting to recreate one of her early baby pics and while she didn’t really understand she was happy enough to play along!


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