Turning 9 with Friends

From January 25 – 26…..

This year for her birthday we told Lilli we’d reached the point of phasing out the giant (and expensive!) parties out at places, and that she could have one friend over to spend the night and then go out shopping or do some fun things, or have a 4 friends over for a sleepover.  She chose the sleepover option.  We’ve never had more than 2 friends at a time spend the night, so this was definitely a larger undertaking than in the past, and we wanted to make sure we kept the girls BUSY because we’ve learned in the past when they don’t have a task they are just wild at this age.

Lilli wanted Sonic so we printed out menus they could circle to make it easier on us.


She had her friends Reese, Emerson, and Katelyn from school and her friend Kelly that we originally met through gymnastics.  Of course Abbi was right in the middle of it all.  As soon as they got to our house they put on PJs and started running throughout the house…..there was SO.MUCH. squealing while we ate.


She wanted a Descendants cake so we took a picture to Publix and they worked off of that.  It’s Uma’s octopus legs and the boat chains.


And then we ordered some accessories from Amazon for it.  All the girls loved it since this is “the” movie of the year for their tween age.


Looking so grown!


After cake they opened presents.


I had bought a sleepover game where you act out silly things and try to get people to laugh, etc.


Once that got dull we pulled out some leftover pillowcases from her kindergarten “un slumber” party and they colored those.


They actually got really into that and spent a lot longer on it than I would’ve imagined.  They’re at a good age for lots of crafting.


Their finished products were really nice looking and they all signed each other’s pillowcases.  For their goodie bags we also gave each girl a small stuffed animal and panda sleep mask (which is why you see a lot of sleep masks in the pictures!)


Afterwards we had popcorn and candy and watched Princess Diaries. A couple of the girls had seen it before but others hadn’t and it was overall a big hit with the girls.  By this point it was nearly 11 and they were all still SO wired.  A couple of them are not great listeners and getting them to settle down was not a bit easy or pleasant.  We had thought they finally got quieted down, but the next morning their story was that a few of them were up until two am – and then one of them told Alexa to set an alarm for 6 am – which then woke them all up WAY too early and led to more difficult personalities and a VERY tired Lilli.  Lesson learned that we need to disable Alexa for future sleepovers.


We made eggs, bacon, cinnamon rolls and had other goodies for breakfast.  These girls PUT AWAY some eggs! I can’t remember exactly but they put away over a dozen eggs.  Who says boys are the hungry ones?


They packed up their stuff and then were sent outside to jump.  They needed that.  Badly.  One by one they all started heading home.


There was a pretty good mess to clean up after they left – including a spot on our carpet where one friend had opened silly putty and gotten it completely stuck to the carpet.  Lilli was in charge of that, and at one point she got really upset and said she didn’t have fun and that some of the girls were just too messy and don’t listen.  A lot of that was driven by the lack of sleep and just overstimulation – a couple of those girls are just INCREDIBLY loud.  And difficult.   We had a good talk about how some friends are better to play with, others are more fun to have sleepover, and that neither is bad – just different.  There’s a girl or two where there’s always a lot of tears and mostly TIREDNESS afterwards because they just don’t sleep or they have a bad attitude.  After some lunch I told her she could nap in bed with me.


I slept for maybe an hour and a half – she slept three and a half hours and then we woke her up because it was time for dinner.  Sleepovers and girl drama aren’t easy! She said next year she just wants to pick a friend and have them sleepover and do some fun things around town with all the money saved from hosting a lot of people.  I think we are all down for that!


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