Cookie Time!

From Feb 3 – 9…..

Just girl and her bestie!


Our Girl Scout cookies came in so we went over to pick them up at our cookie coordinator’s house.  Then we spent the afternoon sorting them into her different orders and started delivering them.


For lunch, we had our first annual Girl Scout tasting party.  We’d bought one of each for ourselves to try them all out so we cracked them open, cut some cookies into smaller pieces, and each sampled at least a bite of each one.


And then we had to rank them.  I don’t think I’ve ever bought a Do Si Do before but they are SO good and they’ll be on our purchase list from here on out!


The girls always enjoy dinner at Big Shakes when there’s live music.  You can not beat their chicken tenders.


I saw on Pinterest the idea to take two Trefoil cookies, put ice cream in the middle and roll it in sprinkles.  The girls LOVED that.


Brent had painted just about the entire living room when we decided our “gray” was really “blue”.  So we got a few truly gray samples and spent a few days deciding what we really liked.


Picture night at gymnastics.  She wear a ballet tutu every week, so her outfit for that night was 100% perfect.


This was the week where pretty much the entire planet had the flu.  As the week progressed, there were two days where 9 out of 20 kids were out in Lilli’s class, and on Friday there were 11 kids out.  She texted us when she got home that she felt bad, and like she was going to throw up.  Brent was near the house so he went ahead and headed there and I picked up Abbi. They went to the Little Clinic and she had a 102 fever but was negative for flu and strep.  I still think she had the flu because her symptoms were so similar to what other people had.


She’d feel good and then be tired and achy, and she ran a fever for several days.  It was definitely not the kick off to the weekend we had hoped for!


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