This & That

From Jan 27 – Feb 2….

The weather was pretty mild so we took a quick afternoon trip to the zoo.  Since we’re members it’s nice to not worry about seeing everything and we can just go to one area and explore if we don’t have a lot of time before closing.


Abbi wanted to bring her own backpack with snack and her phone to take pictures.  Such a big girl!


The red pandas are a family favorite.


The animals were really active and putting on quite a show for us.  This cat was playing and climbed to the top of the tree and we were all watching to see what he might do!


He ended up jumping across to the net and then climbing all the way down.  It was really fun to watch.


Lilli had saved up some money from birthdays and other things and wanted to stop in the Gift Shop.  That’s not something we typically do for things in town and save it for our trips, but we told her she was more than welcome to spend her savings on a new stuffed animal.  She was so sweet and gave Abbi a small (but still generous) budget to pick out something for herself.  Lilli got a large penguin on clearance, and Abbi got a smaller flamingo.  Seeing the size of Lilli’s stuffed animal versus hers just didn’t sit well with Abbi and she couldn’t quite get that Lilli was being very sweet and generous.  It’s tough to get that at 5.


Lilli with her new friend.


And a very sad Abbi.


Later that week I had a party to go to for a friend, so the girls got treated to a rare night out at McDs.


As they chowed down on leftover cake I can tell I was really missed!


I drop off Abbi after the bus comes from Lilli, so most days she doesn’t get to school until 8:30.  When Chorus is in session for Lilli she has to be at school early and Abbi loves being one of the first kids and having more center choices.  We usually get there around 7:15-7:30 on those days, and are usually about the third kid to get there.  On this particular day we were hoofing it and managed to be first! Probably the first and last time that will ever happen.


She loves to help wash some dishes.


With her best bud.


Sporting her authentic Pux Phil necklace on Groundhog day and she got posted by her teacher.  Brent and I got them both necklaces when we visited old Phil in 2016.


PE these days is WAY cooler than when I was in school (or at least in our district!) They do bowling in the fall for all grades, and this year she got to start a few weeks of archery.  They just finished up a month of roller skating, too.  For archery they like to have a lot of volunteers so no one shoots anyone’s eye out, so I signed up for one class on a Friday afternoon.  I had a small group of 4 I was responsible for and most of them were pretty good already.  The parents even got one turn at the end to shoot, too.  I can’t wait for it to warm up so we can get our targets back out, too!


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