Valentines 2018

From Feb 10 – 16…..

After resting most of the day on Saturday, Lilli wasn’t running a fever and wanted to help Brent paint in the living room and hallway.  He got her a brush and she painted most of the foyer outside the gym.  When she went to bed she was feeling ok, not 100% but no fever at that time.


In the middle of the night (maybe around 2 am) she came into our room saying she was having trouble breathing and she was definitely worried.  Of course seeing Lilli worried and anxious made Abbi absolutely freak out and she started screaming and crying.  One of us got Abbi out of the room and calmed down while the other got Lilli into a steam shower so she could break up all the junk in her chest.  And her fever had shot back up to 102.


The next day we just all stayed at home.  With the entire world having this contagious flu mess we didn’t want to be carriers or pick it up anywhere.  She woke up running a low fever but would get bursts of energy and do more painting and then rest.


Abbi even got in on the action.


I worked from home on Monday and Lilli stayed home and her fever seemed to break.  She went back to school on Tuesday and did fine and somehow the rest of us never caught it.  Brent went to her Valentines party at school.


And then they both went over to Abbi’s party/Valentines snack.


We got them a few little gifts but nothing major.  Some candy, books, and a small stuffed animal.  We cooked steak and had a fun night.


Lilli’s sweet card to us.


Friday night Emerson’s mom picked Lilli up from school and took her over to Joann’s to sell cookies.  They did a good job and most of the ladies going in and out stopped to buy cookies from the girls.  I think their high energy sales tactics worked well.  While she was there, they talked themselves into a sleepover so she ended up going home with Emerson to spend the night.  Such a big girl.


Abbi always has a hard time when Lilli is gone so we tried to make it special for her.  We tried a new Mexican restaurant that was really good (except for being SO slow) and then went to Target to look at toys.  Going to bed alone is always the hardest part for her so……we let her change bunks for the night and that did the trick.  Just don’t tell big Sis.


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