The Girl Scout Life

From Feb 23 – 26…

On Friday morning the girls had their annual well kid visit.  One nice thing about their birthdays being so close together is getting their appointments over at the same time.  We love our pediatrician but Green Hills isn’t exactly around the corner.

Lilli knew a flu shot was coming her way.


Abbi did not know a flu shot and all the kindergarten shots were coming her way.  But Lilli did.


This is Abbi, “opening wide”, for Dr Rauth.  We’ll call it “wide-ish”.

She actually did ok with her shots – better than Lilli did.  She cried and screamed and cried for a while about it, but she was fine.  They don’t do quite as many shots as they did before, so that worked out nicely.  We always get a first appointment of the day, so the down side is having to go to school after all those shots but we’d promised her a coke for being so brave and that helped a lot.

Both girls had great checkups and no problems.  Abbi is projected to be 5 foot 7 and Lilli is projected to be 5 foot 1.


After school we headed over to our friend Kelly’s house to drop Lilli off for an overnight trip to Girl Scout camp.  Kelly goes to a different school in our district and is in a different Brownie Troup, but her mom is the leader and they only had three girls going so she asked if Lilli wanted to be their fourth person.  Their troop is small (just 6 girls) and Lilli already knows some of the girls from past parties of Kelly’s and even from other things like church.  She was excited to go and spend time with Kelly and also check out where she’ll be for a week this summer at sleep away camp!


So, the remaining three of us headed to Pie 5 for some gluten free pizza and salad! Abbi was pretty much loving her only child status.


Lilli wasn’t having a bad time, either!


After pizza we took Abbi to Toys R Us to pick out a reward for her shots.  She ended up picking out this purple Descendants backpack.  We gave her a choice of pretty much anything she wanted (within about $20 reason) and she was fixed on that backpack.  She just loves bags of all shapes and sizes so it really wasn’t a surprising choice for her, and she still loves it.


The weekend was really projected to be pretty rainy and messy but ended up being not that bad at all! There had been rain on Friday but Saturday ended up being pretty good.  The girls did all kinds of arts and crafts and just had a lot of fun.


They didn’t get to ride the horses this time but they did get to paint them, decorate them with glitter and bows, and brush them.


Back at home Brent had hired some electricians to come and help finally rewire our outside spotlights that the raccoons and squirrels had chewed apart several years ago.  He doesn’t care for heights, so he let them handle all the tall stuff and he worked on the lower lights.


We picked Lilli up that afternoon (it was just an evening through lunchtime camp) and Brent took them to the park so I could work on consignment stuff and be ready for my drop off.  She’s tiny but strong!


Abbi was there too…..probably just sliding.


Then he took them for Icees at the gas station.  Basically they had “all the flavors”.


Sunday afternoon the electricians came back to finish the job.  I took the girls out for errands and treats at Starbucks – their favorite!


Sometimes I’m just signing them up for a camp and then find a picture of my kid on the registration screen! This was two summers ago, I remember that as the summer she tried to be in ALL the pictures!


And the finished result of the lighting project!


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