This n That

From Feb 17 – 22….

We’d had to postpone our annual birthday “party” with the family due to the flu that 3 people ended up having at the same time! With all the crazy schedules and weather we ended up just meeting in Dickson for lunch.  Dickson is right around an hour for everyone, so it was a good meeting spot to keep it easy.  We tried to get into Cracker Barrel but after waiting more than an hour we weren’t any closer to a table so we drove up the road to Zaxbys (which is really better food than much of anything I’ve had at Cracker Barrel for the last year!)  We didn’t get any good pictures, but this one is pretty funny.


That monkey came to church with us the next day, too.


We really like trying out new city parks and we’d heard about a newer one back in a neighborhood so we went for a little while one afternoon.  It was really nice and has a large walking track around the playground and lots of fun things to swing/slide/climb.  And it’s tucked back in a subdivision so it’s not crowded.


Trying out the slides.


One of the perks of my jobs is getting all the state holidays off.  Presidents Day was going to be one of the great ones where I had the day off but everyone else was in school – basically the unicorn of all days that happens only on Veterans Day and Presidents Day since schools are usually closed for most other holidays.  And our district was the only one NOT closed on Presidents Day.  For Valentines Brent had even surprised me with a half day spa package for a 90 minute massage and a manicure, to enjoy on Presidents Day! And then….there was the awful school shooting in Florida.  And on Thursday of the week before Presidents Day on Monday our school decided to close for Presidents Day and readdress safety protocols in all schools.  Not cool.  So……it ended up being a Lilli and Me day.

She’d been wanting to see The Greatest Showman and I’d heard great things about it, too, so I found us a late morning matinee to see.  We ended up going to watch it at the Green Hills theater which is all recliner seats now.  I have to say – it was SUPER comfortable.


And the movie was great.  Both girls are doing songs from it in their end of year performances.  It may be hard to watch a movie in a non reclining theater from now on! Plus it just felt like you had so much more space.


Afterwards I told Lilli was just going to read on the deck for a bit and enjoy the pretty day before everyone else got home.  Still had to TRY and make some relaxation time since it was MY day off, too.  I guess now I’ll be waiting until Veterans Day for the magic to strike again!


Our gym was celebrating it’s 35th birthday and had fun props, prizes and popcorn for everyone that week! Lilli and her friend Emerson.


And Abbi, who didn’t want to pose with them.


We got her annual picture back.  Of course we’re buying it so we can remember her “I’m always wearing ballet stuff to gymnastics” phase.


We’d had to cancel our Valentines Date Night that we’d booked for the Saturday afternoon Valentines, so we had the girls’ favorite sitter over one night and we went out for Indian food, a little shopping, and of course Starbucks.


Taco Thursday has become everyone’s favorite night of the week.  These girls can put away some tacos!! We typically alternate and have tacos one week and then nachos the next to mix it up a bit.  And this week I swapped out the beef for turkey.  Shh………..they’ll never know.


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