Spring Things

From Feb 27 – March 3…..

Our new piano came! We also ordered a stand and a chair off of Amazon to go along with it.  It’s a fantastic keyboard that sounds just like a real piano, it’s pretty amazing.  Lilli had been asking for lessons so we decided to go ahead and get one and see if she enjoys music.  We have several friends who have kids her age who have taken or are taking lessons, so I went with a company one of them recommended.  They come to our house every Thursday night for a half hour to do her lesson.  It works out SO well because we don’t have to get out in traffic and we can be cleaning up the kitchen, moving the yard, meeting with a window salesperson – you name it – while she’s getting her lesson.


Dad’s little egg helper on “Breakfast for Dinner” night.


Each year during the school library book drive we always participate in the “Brownies with your Bear” drive where you order a new book for the library and they put a dedication in the front cover.  This year Lilli picked this book and Brent went and had a brownie with her one day after lunch.  She got to be the first kid to check it out.


On Friday after school Lilli had a Girl Scout activity to go to so we had time to go out to eat Mexican food and look at animals at the pet store before it was time to pick her back up.  This little kitten was so cute!


Lilli went to “World Thinking Day” for the Girl Scouts hosted at a church in Brentwood.  Local troops got together and they could make some small items to sell other Girl Scouts representing a particular state (like selling a guitar shaped keychain for Tennessee).  Lilli’s group didn’t do a booth but instead shopped the other booths.  It was a fun evening of learning and I have no clue where she is in this picture of all the girls doing their Girl Scout song.


Brent finished the living room and started in on the kitchen with the gray.  It looks SO good.


And another kitchen shot.


Saturday was so pretty so the girls were helping me pick up some sticks and do some outdoor spring cleaning when Captain said he’d mow the yard for us.  We told him he didn’t have to do that and he told us Nancy had a new vacuum and told him to get outside and stay busy and that he literally didn’t have anything else to do.  He told us he’d just mow the front but….


Once he was done with that we saw him out in the backyard mowing back there, too.  He told us not to hire anyone this year and that between us all we’d get it done.  He’s mowed the front a few more times since then and we usually do the back and side.  It’s nice to have such a great neighbor.


That night we went out for conveyor belt sushi.  Lilli was a big fan of these spicy rolls!


And Abbi was always about three seconds aways from grabbing something on the conveyor belt that we didn’t want! She likes sushi as well, but she really like grabbing things off the belt.


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