Snow Go

From March 10 – 13…

The girls had a great time at Grandma camp.  The #1 thing they said they wanted to do was fish and from the sound of it they pulled in a lot of little fish that day.  They also did some shopping and playing and had a really good time out in the country.


We didn’t do anything too exciting with our time alone – we had a lot of little things we needed to take care of.  I’d gotten a notice from Suntrust that they were freezing our savings account because it hadn’t had any activity in a few years (maybe about 4 years) and were going to turn it over to unclaimed property! They had never called me at all, but sent a letter that they were about to turn it over.  We didn’t get there in time and it was in “pending” status but luckily the guy was able to unfreeze it and cash it out, so we took it over to Regions where we have our checking account and opened a new account.  Since that’s our emergency fund we don’t do much with it, since thankfully we’ve been emergency free.  But it’s ridiculous for them to start a freeze without communicating.  At Regions we’ll be able to transfer more often and more easily online since I do all our bills online these days.  After spending all morning with that mess we enjoyed some fish tacos outside and then went home and did some much needed chores around the house.  Not exactly exciting, but SO much easier than when the kids are there!


The living room was looking great and we were trying to decide on curtains.  We voted against both.


We got the kids back on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning woke up to this mess! They called school with a two hour delay, and with the time change and excitement of Grandma camp the girls slept until nearly 9.  I had the quiet time to work from home, so it all worked out fine and they seemed to need the extra sleep! (like everyone after a time change!)


This is basically how Olli felt about more snow and cold.


And how Abbi felt about not going to school until 10:30, too!


At a consignment sale I got Lilli a little sewing machine for kids and ordered some extra kits to go with it from Amazon.  She made this cute little pillow for her teacher’s birthday.


And the big day came – I went to school and filled out a TON of paperwork to register Abbi for kindergarten.  I didn’t take her with me like I had done with Lilli – this time I was smarter and knew I had an hour’s worth of paperwork ahead of me and that it’s a whole lot easier to do alone! And she’s pretty familiar with the school anyway.  When I registered Lilli it was the first time for either one of us to ever go inside.


Her usual gymnastics attire.  This little tutu is being hidden because it’s gotten a **tad** too small.  She looks like a peacock that can’t quite fluff itself out.


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