From March 14 – 16….

They picked out these little pink guns and holsters at a consignment sale.  The movie Zootopia has inspired one of their favorite games to play – “cops and bad guys”, so these guns were the perfect little accessories.  Two tough gals.


One pretty evening at the park after dinner.


On these first spring evenings you have to take advantage of every drop of sunshine!


They’ve been working on revitalizing and restoring the Capitol rotunda for probably a year now.  The scaffolding was finally starting to come down and each piece of detail “topping” was coming up one at a time.  They had a drone flying up before the crane and helping guide each piece where it needed to go.  Modern technology!


A zoomed out view and you can see the drone as a dark “blip” to the right hand side.


On Friday night we needed to run a few errands at the mall.  The girls weren’t all that amused by the Easter Bunny – there’s just something creepy about Easter Bunny costumes.


That night they set up a few traps for the leprechaun in the hopes that this year would be the one where we finally caught Larry.  He’s a tough and sneaky little guy……


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