Date Night

From March 17 –

They went to sleep with visions of leprechaun catching in their head, but woke up around 2 am to the sound of thunder, hail and strong winds.  We checked the weather and there were no tornadoes around so we all ran downstairs to check out the hail falling.  Abbi was pretty worried and anxious, but we told her all was fine.


And since it was 2 am, they finally remembered to check their leprechaun trap.  Larry had gotten away once again, but left them two green cupcakes behind.  Abbi remembered it the next morning, but Lilli had forgotten what he left behind!


I had a hair appointment the next morning, so Brent took the girls to the park to try and fly kites.


I think they had more fun on the swinging spring thing.


When I got home we ran to the Zoo pretty quickly so we could pick up our membership cards.  Ours had just expired and we needed new ones since we’d be traveling soon on Spring Break and wanted to use our reciprocal benefits.  The new bear exhibit had JUST opened and was so packed.  The bears were hiding at the very top and overall it was a bit disappointing.  Hopefully next time we go back it will be less crowded and the bears will be less shy.


That night was the annual Daddy Daughter dance hosted by Lilli’s school.  I helped her get all fancied up with curly hair, a little makeup and even some lipstick.


Brent told her they could eat anywhere she wanted and all she wanted was Wendy’s.  It’s hard to beat Wendy’s for her and when you want 8 chicken nuggets you just want 8 chicken nuggets.


The theme this year was Wizard of Oz, and the large hall they rent at a nearby church was full of colorful balloons and fun centerpieces.  The girls all got ruby slipper necklaces, too.


Lilli with some of her friends.  Mostly the girls run around and dance with each other, and then occasionally dance with their dads some, too.


Brent and his date.  Next year he’ll have two dates! And poor old me will be so lonely for the evening……….


My date for the evening picked Noodles and wanted to eat outside.  She had the mac n cheese and we split a salad.  I don’t think she was too worried about not getting to go to the dance this year!


Afterwards we went to Walmart to grab a few things and of course she got to play in toys for a long time.  These animal heads were a hoot!


Then she wanted to end our date at Starbucks.  She’d been chattering and chattering and all of a sudden I noticed how quiet it was.  When I pulled into Starbucks I turned around and she was fast asleep.  I guess I didn’t realize what a boring date I was! I let her nap until she woke up and then we went in and got a couple of drinks before heading home to watch some Fuller House.  Brent and Lilli also went to Starbucks after the dance, too.  I think the main Brentwood Starbucks was a pretty happening date spot that particular Saturday night.


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