Field Tripping

From March 18 – 20…..

When sun meets a little pop up storm – you sing and dance in the rain.


The longer spring hours are the best for getting in some outdoor play after dinner.  It seemed like winter lasted forever! It’s so nice to enjoy the outdoors at night – shoot some hoops, jump on the trampoline, ride bikes – just anything!


Lilli’s always loved skating, and spending 6 weeks skating in PE class made her want to skate even more! We headed to the library path one night and got Abbi suited up in the first pair of skates Lilli had, along with the pads.  These skates are just ok at learning, they’re so slow you don’t really learn to glide.  But it helped her get the hang of it.


She got pretty confident and only lost her balance a couple of times.  Lilli’s feet were starting to get too tight in her rollerblades, so we just got her some new ones and we may see if Abbi can wear the rollerblades yet (they’re adjustable).


Sk8er girls.


The third grade took a field trip to the State Capitol.  Since I work next door I headed down to join them.  First they watched part of an assembly (that was really, really boring for us all).


They did a tour of the grounds, but from the covered porch because it was another day of nonstop pouring rain.  They talked about the various statues and people buried there.  (Lilli and Emerson)


We got to see several of the rooms and hear about the construction of the building – it’s very ornate and decorative, although on the inside it was smaller than I expected.


Lilli outside the Governor’s office.  She really had thought we’d get to meet him.  She’d written him a letter that morning that she wanted to give him and I was going to post it and just realized she wrote our full address and phone on it! She told him he was a great Governor and how much she has enjoyed hearing his wife read to her class (in third grade and twice in Pre-K).  It was very sweet and I told her we could mail it to him.


After the tour we walked across the street to the State Museum and they did a scavenger hunt.


The really old Egyptian mummy was (of course) a third grade gross out fave.


Lilli and some of the girls from her class – Olivia, Ella, Jessa, Katelyn and Emerson.  They had a great time, but due to the rain their outdoor picnic afterward got canceled.


And that night – all the rain turned to snow while we were at gymnastics.  Just unreal.  It only stuck for  a few minutes and then thankfully melted.


The first draft of a paper she wrote on Giant Pandas – some of the comments were just hilarious.  I am often told I overuse punctuation (like !!!!) and it’s hilarious to see that come through in Lilli.  She got a 100 on the final version she turned in – but she didn’t drop all those !!!s, either.  Gotta let that personality shine through!


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