Short n Sweet

From March 21-22….

Short and sweet because I have to download more pictures from my phone – I’m all caught up to our last download! It’s nice to at least getting somewhat closer and less behind…..

After the fun run at school her class had won several awards for various fundraising targets.  One day they got to wear hats to school so she was really excited about that!


Little Bunny.  Someone asked her if she liked Star Wars when she was wearing this shirt and she gave them a look and said “No.”.  Ha! Poor thing hasn’t seen it, she just wears what we buy!


We’ve been teaching her to play Uno.  Lilli’s old card holder is a game changer, literally.  It’s such a smart invention.  She still basically shows us all her cards, but it helps her see them all, too.


A Sam’s run before heading out on Spring Break vacation! Abbi wanted to be in the basket with all our snacks and things, there wasn’t too much room left her by the time we were done.


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